Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)





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  • This show was about the adventures of the submarine SeaView, the dream made reality by Admiral Harriman Nelson and his Nelson Institute. It was commanded by Captain Crane,whom Nelson repected and liked. They had many interesting suspensful adventures.

    I thought that this show was great. It may seem a bit campy by today's standards but the stories were interesting and suspensful the majority of the time. I liked Admiral Nelson and Capt. Crane as characters. I enjoyed their relationship of great respect for each others abilities and character balanced with the fact that they were such good friends. The stories were (for the most part) well paced and well told. I enjoyed nearly all of the guest actors and thought that they fit in well. I think it is still possible for today's tv viewers to enjoy this show but one needs to suspend their mental criticisms of the details ( or special effects) and just experience the story.