Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)





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  • The adventures of the submarine Seaview of the Nelson Institute of Marine Research headed by Admiral Harriman Nelson and Captain Lee Crane the ships captain. A science fiction show based on the movie of the same name it ran four years on ABC

    This for years is my all time favorite series. I started watching it regulary in the second year.On the series fourth year my parents finally got a color TV and the first time I saw it color they changed the opening scenes for the Two stars. After it was canceled I finally saw all the episodes. I had old TV guides for the summer of the second year and when I saw the shows I got to understand the storylines. In syndication they ran the second to fourth seasons first because they were in color.Finally they ran the first season shows and I saw the changes. First year the Seaview control room and the observation nose with the windows was on seperate levels. They used the sets for the movie the first year. Also the orginal Chief was Curley Jones. The second year the show was in color and the control room was behind the observation nose and they added the Flying Sub.The new chief was Francis Sharkey. After the begining of the fourth season they changed the opening photos used for the stars from the way they were seasons two and three. But the early fourth still have the early seasons scenes.