Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 3

ABC (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • Destroy Seaview!
    Destroy Seaview!
    Episode 26
    Admiral Nelson has been brainwashed by an enemy power. His mission is to verify the location of a rare element and then .... Destroy Seaview!
  • Deadly Cloud
    Deadly Cloud
    Episode 25
    A mysterious cloud in the middle of the ocean is causing worldwide earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic eruptions. Captain Crane takes the Flying Sub in for a closer look at the cloud and an alien takes control of him. The alien wants to study the humans aboard Seaview before completing the earth's final destruction.moreless
  • The Wax Men
    The Wax Men
    Episode 24
    Captain Crane returns to the Seaview and finds that Admiral Nelson and the crew have been replaced by wax replicas, with an evil little clown in charge.
  • Doomsday Island
    Doomsday Island
    Episode 23
    The Seaview brings aboard a huge egg from the bottom of the sea during a routine specimen collection. An alien creature emerges and causes big problems for the crew. Crane and Kowalski discover an uncharted island which is being used as an alien hatchery and the extraterrestrials want the Seaview's nuclear reactor to speed up the process.moreless
  • No Escape From Death
    While searching the deep for an enemy sealab, the Seaview is rammed by another sub and sinks to the ocean floor. A huge jellyfish swallows a diving party led by Captain Crane as the crew rushes to make repairs before the air runs out.
  • Shadowman
    Episode 21
    An alien "shadowman", who has the ability to cloud minds, attempts to stop the Seaview, carrying only a six-man crew, from guiding the launch of an interstellar space probe.
  • The Mummy
    The Mummy
    Episode 20
    The Seaview is on a top secret mission to transport a 3,000 year old sarcophagus from New York to a country in the Middle East. The United States hopes that by returning a national treasure, war will be prevented. The inhabitant of the sarcophagus has other ideas, and attempts to prevent the Seaview from reaching her destinaton.moreless
  • The Mermaid
    The Mermaid
    Episode 19
    As the Seaview conducts a marine census, Captain Crane spots a mermaid. He brings her aboard and falls under her spell. A sea creature follows the mermaid and proceeds to cause big trouble on the sub. The problems are compounded when the Seaview is ordered to disarm a nuclear device that has been planted off the coast of California.moreless
  • The Fossil Men
    The Fossil Men
    Episode 18
    Tracking mysterious sounds from the depths, the Seaview discovers a group of men in an underwater grotto. Odd elements in the environment have caused the men to mutate into living rock. Their leader, a former submarine captain, wants to use the Seaview to escape the grotto and conquer the world.
  • The Heat Monster
    The Heat Monster
    Episode 17
    After ten years, a scientist in an Arctic listening station has suceeded in making contact with a alien entity. Obeying its request, he brings it to Earth via a laser beam. The alien's form is incompatible with the Earth's environment--which does not stop it from attempting to take over the Seaview.moreless
  • Death From The Past
    Death From The Past
    Episode 16
    As World War II draws to a close, a secret underwater Nazi base is damaged during a sea battle and a Nazi scientist and his aide are accidently put in suspended animation. Thirty-five years later, the crew of the Seaview discovers and revives them. The Nazis attempt to carry out their interrupted mission: destroy the capital cities of the Allies.moreless
  • The Creature
    The Creature
    Episode 15
    The Seaview is called in to help track an artificially created life form, now loose in the Pacific. The creature, which is growing at a fantastic rate, has its own agenda -- starting with a takeover of the crew.
  • The Brand Of The Beast
    While racing to help a foundering research vessel, the Seaview's nuclear reactor goes critical. Admiral Nelson's right hand is exposed to intense radiation as he fixes the problem, causing a flare-up of the "werewolf" virus that he carries.
  • The Lost Bomb
    The Lost Bomb
    Episode 13
    The Seaview and a hostile sub battle to recover a superbomb from the ocean floor. An enemy agent aboard the Seaview complicates matters even more.
  • The Plant Man
    The Plant Man
    Episode 12
    Telepathic twin brothers are conducting important undersea research on the growth rate of edible sea plants, but one of them has a sinister hidden agenda.
  • The Haunted Submarine
    Time stands still when a seafaring ancestor of Admiral Nelson pays a visit to the Seaview.
  • Deadly Invasion
    Deadly Invasion
    Episode 10
    An alien race wants Admiral Nelson's help in taking over an undersea atomic base so they can replenish their fuel supply.
  • The Death Watch
    The Death Watch
    Episode 9
    Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are involved in a botched mind-control experiment aboard a deserted Seaview, and Chief Sharkey is caught in the middle.
  • Thing From Inner Space
    Bainbridge Wells is filming a segment of his "Science On The Move" television series on a small island off the coast of Chile. A sea creature comes ashore and kills his crew. Wells convinces Admiral Nelson to return to the island because he wants to prove that the creature really exists. Crewman Patterson has a special interest in the mission.moreless
  • Deadly Waters
    Deadly Waters
    Episode 7
    Captain Crane rescues a diver from a wrecked atomic sub. He turns out to be Kowalski's brother, Stan, a Navy diving specialist. When the Seaview needs his help in getting off the ocean floor, Stan is not up to the job.
  • Day Of Evil
    Day Of Evil
    Episode 6
    The Seaview is on its way to rendezvous with the Pacific Fleet. An extraterrestrial assumes the form of Admiral Nelson and sabotages the sub's reactor. The alien's goal is to provoke a worldwide nuclear war.
  • The Terrible Toys
    The Terrible Toys
    Episode 5
    The Seaview is searching for a possible UFO that has crashed into the Indian Ocean. They end up rescuing an old sailor who brings aboard a sack full of lethal toys.
  • Night Of Terror
    Night Of Terror
    Episode 4
    A diving bell containing Nelson, Sharkey, and a geologist is swept away by a tidal wave and washes ashore on a volcanic island. As Captain Crane searches for them, the trio must contend with a giant lizard and strange hallucinations.
  • The Day The World Ended
    As Admiral Nelson demonstrates a new tracking device that can pinpoint the exact location of every nuclear submarine in the world, the view panel goes blank. Further investigation seems to indicate that the crew of the Seaview is the only life left on earth.
  • Werewolf
    Episode 2

    The Seaview is sent to monitor a radioactive volcano that may soon erupt. Two scientists already on the island are attacked by a wolf. One dies, and the other is infected by a virus that causes him to change from man to werewolf and back again. When the survivor is brought aboard, Admiral Nelson becomes infected with the "werewolf" virus.

  • Monster From The Inferno
    The Seaview is investigating a radioactive communications blackout at the request of the Navy. The source of the disruption turns out to be a large alien brain found on the ocean floor. The brain wants to use the Seaview to take over the world.