Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Season 4 Episode 19

Secret of the Deep

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 11, 1968 on ABC

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  • The Seaview crew invite a man with a silly ring aboard and Nelson finds a new way to fire a missile....

    The Seaview and her crew are busy looking for a renegade ocean base on the sea floor. A number of key scientists have turned traitor and are blackmailing various countries for vast sums of money.

    To aid the search the seaview has a foreign secret agent named Hendrix on-board "helping" He's the most suspicious character in the entire world and of course turns out to be the ring leader of the blackmailers (naturally) instead of trying to be polite and pleasant to people he keeps having little digs at Captain Crane.

    Hendrix has a nifty (but totally silly) ring on his finger with a pull out ariel! And throughout the episode he barks orders to his cohorts in the sea base. These take the form of either tipping them off as to Nelson plans or just scalding them for not carrying out his orders. (We never hear them reply so maybe their not even listening)

    Things seem to be heading for disaster quicker than usual when the Seaview is hit by an electrical discharge and floored.

    Repairs are made but someone has to go into the ballast tank to effect a dangerous repair.. Chief Sharkey volunteers and tells Kawalski to watch a gauge and sing out if it goes into the red. Within seconds of Sharkey diving the needle moves rapidly (which struck me as odd, why did it rise up just because their is a diver in the ballast tank?) Anyway all turns out ok and the chief lives to fight another day.

    Its pointed out here that the Seaview will have to take things easy as the ballast tank is very week.. (I wish they didn't say that, you just know what will happen)

    Nelson wants to go down in the diving bell with his side kick the Chief and take a look round. ( I love those jumpers they wear while in the bell)

    This seems just like a good way of padding the episode. No sooner have they gone down when crane aborts the dive because of a unknown contact. This turns out to be a huge red eyed monster on the sea floor. Despite it being the size of a cruise liner neither the chief or the admiral spot it. ( I guess it was directly below them)

    Nelson,never one to let his life NOT be in danger for long Nelson then announces his next daring blunder he decides to venture out with the Chief in the flying sub but first has the hull "degaussed" " to repel any more nasty electrical attacks.

    Hendrix makes up a load of guff about wanting to scan the interior of flying sub before they launch and then quickly plants a device (about as subtle looking as a pink football) behind the rear control panel.

    Sparks has noticed someone on-board has been using a transmitter ( he would be rich if he had a dollar for everytime he's noticed that)

    Quickly deducing that Hendrix is the only new face aboard Nelson decides to request more information on him. ( Better late than never?)

    Nelson and Sharky set out in the Flying sub. They are soon hit by another electrical burst which they over come due to the earlier precautions.

    Hendrix has ordered the sea base to use a new secret weapon on them ( this seems to me to only consist of reused footage of depth charge explosions) anyway it soon cripples the flying sub and half kills Nelson and Sharkey.

    The release of the weapon causes a tidal wave alert aboard Seaview with Crane giving the famous intercom announcement "all hands brace" they never listen and before long they are being thrown rounds like loose change in a tumble dryer.

    I should point out here that we learnt early on that the sea base scientists have created a plethora of huge mutant sea creatures as "protective weapons". This doesn't add anything to the plot and is just a budget saving way of using familiar old footage like the huge sperm whale and so on.

    After coming round and using oxygen Nelson and the Chief make it back aboard Seaview on back up power and order repairs to the flying sub.

    Meanwhile Hendrix has decided to throw caution to the wind and asks a suspicious Sparks to send a coded message. While sparks is busy he plants another one of his half brick size devices behind him in full view.

    This promptly blows up and wrecks the radio. Sparks reports to crane about the message Hendrix asked him to send. Crane orders him to the "de coding room" to find out what it says. ( Never heard of that room before or since! But it would explain where Sparks disappeared to for weeks on end)

    Crane gives orders over the intercom to arrest Hendrix. This seems to have little effect on a crewman working in the circuitry room who allows him to enter with only the ridiculous comment that its a restricted area ( note the restricted signs on the INSIDE of the door ermm why?) Anyway this being the infamous

    Circuitry room it isn't long before there's a huge punch up and sparks flying.

    After this latest rumpus Crane announces over the intercom to have Hendrix shot on site. Hearing this Hendrix gives a little smirk and decides he's going to do a bunk from Seaview and informs his buddies in the Seabase that he's swimming over to personally destroy the Seaview and also tells them to clear the area of all dangerous creatures. ( I think he's cohorts stopped listening to him ages ago and infact were sat playing poker).

    Hendrix saunters into the deserted missile room which is conveniently empty during a full scale spy hunt. He has time to change into full scuba gear with all the trimmings. Its only as he is leaving in the escape hatch that a crewman tries to stop him and is given a huge clout with a scuba tank for his trouble and convincingly falls like a sack of spuds.

    It isn't long before Hendrix is horribly killed by a huge swordfish. ( I did tell you his cohorts were no longer listening)

    The Chief gets permission to take the flying sub out with Kawalski. This does little and it isn't long before their in trouble. Even though they are protected against the electrical beam this time it sends them heading for the bottom with Kawalski booming out to the Chief "pull her up" he wouldn't of dared say that to Nelson for fear of a karate chop.

    The finale ordeal comes when Nelson announces the damaged ballast tank exploded (surly that's imploded?) Seaview is plunged headlong into the annoyed red eyed monster. Nelson hot foots it down to the missile room and after some more scenes of being thrown round and things bursting into flames a missile is fired ( he uses a laser gun to launch the missile?!) and all is well.

    The end comes with a rather rare if not sickly comment from Nelson praising his crew. He tell Crane that although the seabase traitors had all manner of weapons there was one they didn't have... The crew of the Seaview.

    I did enjoyed this episode and if you forget the reused giant sea creatures footage then its more espionage than monster of the week season 4 staple diet.

    Look out for Nelson using a early fax come photo copier in his cabin. I think it wasn't ever seen again. (He probably broke it and hid it in his lab)