Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Season 4 Episode 18

The Abominable Snowman

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 04, 1968 on ABC

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  • The crew invite a bad actor aboard and the Admiral gets the chance to become a mutant

    Seaview races towards an Antarctic research station which has stopped sending reports.

    As they approach the water temperature starts to soar and the ship is hit by chunks of ice (old film footage ,continuity gaff) anyway this leads Crane to ask Nelson if the experiments at the research station have gotten out of control...... do you think so??

    The Seaview send out a rescue party and find only two survivors: Professor Paulson and his assistant Rayburn. Apparently the reach station had two dozen men to start with!! I wish they had the sense or budget to include just a five minute scene of the rescue party looking round some of the abandoned Antarctic buildings and maybe finding the odd body or two? Or maybe signs of something sinister. This would lifted this so much.

    With the two survivors conveniently in deep comas Nelson sets about trying to read through the professors notes which have been written in some sort of private code (like you do)

    Then something nasty starts to stalk the corridors and murder the crew, the first to go is a corpsman, Doc just got a bash on the neck (lucky) Crane orders guards around the sickbay area but this doesn't stop the murders....and in one desperate scene a crewman tries to run for his life only to be hampered by locked doors (unusual for seaview) and worst of all a dead end!

    Nelson is still working on the Professors work and has just been told that it has caused the worlds temperatures go hay wire! and he must destroy the base and its adaptors before it's too late.

    Crane just can not seem to locate the killer onboard; we have a great scene in the missile room of the monster hiding high up on the missile rack and Kowalski blasting a cupboard with a machine gun and making a mess. Paulson and Rayburn do fall under suspicion but they both appear to be in comas still. Things get worse when Paulson himself is apparently murdered leaving only an unconscious Rayburn.

    Sharkey has someone pinned down in a storage room and he does get off a few shots before having some boxes fall on him (you would have thought the boxes would all be secured by now considering how often the ship is thrown about) anyway he calls for help and Crane arrives with two crewmen. Crane wonders if the chief has been shooting at shadows (Sharkey can get carried away) Sharkey informs him that shadows don't knock over boxes. They storm in and find Rayburn, Paulson assistant (they surmise he must have climbed through an air vent! Those flipping air vents!! Put a lock on them) We are then treated to some truly terrible acting by Dusty Caddis who played Rayburn. He mumbles something about a monster then falls unconscious again (thankfully) There must of been hundreds of decent bit part actors who would of loved a chance to be on voyage, why they used this dud is beyond belief. They wonder if he is the killer even though at this point Chip Morton has seen a huge fury beast in the reactor room. This seems odd.

    Nelson has finally worked that Paulsons work had a side effect that turns humans into Yetie like creatures if they are exposed to it, and after hearing Rayburn is coming out of his coma he elects to spend the night in sick bay to question him the moment he comes around...

    Nelson promptly nods off and then sluggishly and lazily wakes just in time to see the monster murdering Rayburn (yey no more bad acting) he himself then gets attacked but the guards outside barge in (not having heard the noise up until this point! and there was plenty) and the monster throws them about and runs off. Guess what...the monster has been using those darn air vents!!

    Nelson still thinks he can reason with the monster and while the search is in full swing he skulks off to the reactor room and quickly gets himself captured and trussed up to the reactor.

    The monster has a truly ridiculous voice! And he informs Nelson he is going to turn him into a mutant as well! Luckily Crane and the gang turn up and amongst much rocking and rolling Crane shots the monster. The body of the monster then turns neatly back into Professor Paulson, even though they though he was dead. Nelson plays it cool and makes out he sort of knew it was him (big head)

    It ends with the Professors research station and its adaptors being destroyed by Seaview and Nelson remarking to Crane that the Professors work was "quite a discovery" and maybe one day the world could benefit from it. (that's just what we need an experiment that sends the worlds weather hay wire, freezing some people roasting others and turning humans into mutant yeti creatures.)

    Who gets to write to the parents of all the dead crewmen? I expect Nelson get's crane to do that. Killed on a training mission?

    A really good episode with some quite chilling moments.

    Such a shame the monster couldn't have been done better, once you have seen the zip on its back and those silly eye lashes it sort of blows it.

    It would have been good if they brought some more survivors from the research station aboard, this would have given us a longer list of suspects.