Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Season 2 Episode 2

Time Bomb

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 26, 1965 on ABC

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  • This was a fun romp, and the scenes with the new Flying Sub were magnificent, but it was a rather ordinary plot. It could have been transferred to "The Man From Uncle", "The Avengers" or even "The Wild, Wild West" without too much trouble.

    I suppose that everyone was jumping on the James Bond bandwagon. Seaview was strictly a means of transportation in this episode. And even that was mostly given over to the new sub. Those shots, however, were absolutely gorgeous (even if there is a bit of a wobble when the Flying Sub leaves the water).

    The scene in Vice-Admiral Johnson's office (and later, when Katie came aboard Seaview) was straight out of James Bond. The only difference was that Johnson showed the gadgets to Nelson himself, rather than having a specialist bring them in.

    Nelson getting injected with the unstable cesium also seemed a typical spy gimmick (one that would be reused years later on an episode of "The New Avengers"). And, of course, the interlude with Litchka was straight Bond, although, being series television, they left it to the viewers' imaginations as to just how far it went.

    (Litchka is seen to favor the same brand of cigarettes as the Soviet Navy, which could have some significance, but they were probably just reusing the prop.)

    I loved Nelson's interval with the Soviet soldiers. Looked like he was enjoying himself, too.

    The good guys discover the cesium plot by picking up the little man who injected Nelson and questioning him--but there is no explanation as to why they picked him up in the first place. When he got Nelson, he was disguised as a little boy. Did he get drunk and start boasting about his actions in front of an Intelligence agent, or what?

    Katie worked pretty well with Crane, but her lines seemed to be too conciously witty (like a lot of Bond's). She's also quite blatant about using her charms when dealing with enemy males.

    Crane is faced with the necessity of killing Nelson to prevent the nuclear explosion--but of course we knew he wouldn't do it! He does need some practice at this spy business. He left, not one, not two, but three unconcious bodies lying out pretty much in the open, instead of concealing them--which probably would have slowed down the pursuit at the end.

    Nelson's underwater travels were well-shot, including his unexpected fight with a diver doing maintenence work (one hopes that the poor man woke up before he ran out of air). They have the obligatory close call with Nelson trying to shoot the disguised Crane, only to have his dart-gun watch fail. (I really think that they just forgot to reload the thing.)

    Crane said that the antidote worked instantly, and he wasn't kidding. If I'd been Nelson, I think that I'd have waited just a few moments more before rushing into the nuclear facility.

    The last underwater scenes with Nelson, Crane and Katie swimming out to the Flying Sub were beautiful.

    Katie's comment about Litchka always looking evil sounded like pure jealousy and spite. I did like Nelson's comment, "Not always...." leaving Katie (and the others) to wonder just what he had meant by that remark.
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