Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)




  • Season 1 Episode 1: Eleven Days To Zero

  • During Crane's "warm greeting" by the crew, he throws a punch at Kowalski. Two later scenes show Kowalski rubbing at his jaw, but the blow actually looked as though it landed on his forehead--which probably would have damaged Crane at least as much, if not more, as Kowalski.

  • Uncredited roles:

    William Hudson (John Phillips), Christopher Connelly (Sonar), Hal Torey (General Chairman), Derrik Lewis (Jr. Officer), Paul Kremin (Enemy technician), Jim Goodwin (Helmsman), Dick Tufeld (Narrator), Walter Reed (Scientist), Mike Ferris and Oren Curtis (Asians), Ron Rondell (Driver), Buck Karalian, Fred Zendar, Bill Kinney and Chuck Courtney (Crew), Marco Lopez (Officer) Werner Klemperer (Enemy Voice)

    Werner Klemperer's face can also be clearly seen in some shots.

  • As Nelson and Captain Phillips drive to their meeting, the car halts briefly and a painter quickly sprays an "X" on the roof. He centers the X, but in long shots, you can see that it reaches clear to the corners of the roof.

  • Look carefully as the Snow Cat returns to Seaview. As it approaches, it looks as if a stage door is open in the background.

  • Notice the close-ups of Crane's face as he battles the giant squid. It is not David Hedison under the face-mask but Robert Sterling who played Crane in the 1961 Voyage movie.

  • In many scenes, the cast "falls upward" when the Seaview rocks. Obviously, Irwin Allen had yet to perfect his famous "rock and roll".

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The City Beneath The Sea

  • During the closeup of the dead diver in the Seaview's net, you can see the man blink.

  • Uncredited roles:

    Joey Walsh (Atlas), Dennis Cross (Operator), Athan Karras (Clerk), Paul Kremin (Georgio)

  • Season 1 Episode 3: The Fear-Makers

  • Uncredited roles:

    Martin Kosleck (Agent), Derrick Lewis (O'Brien), Robert Doyle (Pryor), Paul Kremin (Scientist), Chuck Courtney (Connors), George Spicer, Pat Colby, and Robert Beech (Crew)

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Price Of Doom

  • Admiral Nelson picks up that the scientist is trying to say Anaerobic bacteria. He misstates that that means 'lives on air'. No. Aerobic bacteria need air to live. Anaerobic means 'without air'. Anaerobic bacteria require an air-free environment. Not sure how he gets to the 'heat' conclusion.

  • Uncredited roles:

    Pat Priest (Karen Pennell), Dan Seymour (General), Ivan Triesault (Commander), James Frawley (Smilin' Jack), Jim Goodwin (Helmsman), Fred Stromsoe (Fox), Garth Benton (Doc), Paul Kremin (Man)

  • We learn that warmth is what set off the plankton's unchecked growth, and the batch onboard Seaview is killed by flooding it with icy water. The original batch, however, should have died almost as soon as it left the ruined ice station, but no one saw it.

  • During the scene in the ruined ice station, as they come under attack, Julie seemingly panics and refuses to go back to the sub. Wesley knocks her out with a brisk punch to the jaw. As he and Nelson pick her up, her arms are dangling limply--but as they approach the ripped-up opening in the station wall, she tucks her arms in so that they won't hit the sides!

  • Season 1 Episode 6: The Sky Is Falling

  • Uncredited roles:

    Arch Whiting (Sparks), Ron Stein (Technician), Joe Di Reda (Technician), Robert Payne (Murdock), Chuck Courtney (Courtney), Don Wilbanks (Pilot), Goerge Spicer (Crewman)

  • After reaching the area where they think the saucer will be found, they find that their radio is being jammed, and the television cameras as well. Nelson, Crane, and Tobin rush to the nose to see out the windows. Returning after the commercial break, we see Morton and the rest of the control room crew looking at the saucer on the television screen that was being jammed just moments before.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Turn Back The Clock

  • Jason Kemp shouldn't have been able to dive to the surface from 4000 ft down. He would've at least run out of air in the time needed, the pressure would've crushed his homemade 'normal air' balloon, along with rupturing his lungs, he would've suffered 'the bends', 02 toxicity, nitrogen narcosis ...

  • Uncredited roles:

    Derrick Lewis (O'Brien), John Lamb (Native), Paul Kremin (William), Ray Didsbury (Crewman)

  • In this episode, the diving bell has a gun rack containing four rifles.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: The Village Of Guilt

  • Presumably the scene with the boy visiting the Seaview was cut short, because while the father is listed in the credits, his presence in the episode is limited to an angry voice off-camera.

  • Uncredited roles:

    Irwin Allen (Newscaster), Clyde Cameron (Rolvaag), Al George (Sniper), Brendan Dillon and Peter Bourne (Reporters), Marco Lopez (Officer), Ray Didsbury (Crewman)

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