Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)




  • Season 1 Episode 26: The Amphibians

  • In regard to underwater explosions, we often hear a character mention the lethal danger, not necessarily of the explosive itself, but of the resulting concussive force. Angie was supposedly carrying enough explosive to destroy the Seaview. She was right over top of it when it went off, and all it did was knock her out in a cloud of bubbles, while Crane, who was right beside her, was not affected at all.

  • Dr. Jenkins gives Angie and one of the other male amphibians four bombs to plant on Seaview, telling them where to place them. We only see two bombs placed, and there are only two explosions, yet Dr. Jenkins is perfectly satisfied.

  • Season 1 Episode 25: Cradle Of The Deep

  • Uncredited roles:

    Derrik Lewis (O'Brien), Robert Payne (Helmsman)

  • According to both Science Fiction Televison Series and Irwin Allen Productions, John Anderson took Richard Basehart to task during the shooting of this episode. Basehart had been clowning around, making fun of the dialogue. Anderson pointed out that it was difficult enough for him to deal with the script, without Basehart making it worse. Basehart agreed, apologized, and stopped doing it.

  • According to the book Science Fiction Television Series, David Hedison ranks this episode as his least favorite.

  • When Nelson and Janus come into the laboratory to stuff the blob with carbon, Nelson stands at the far end of the room, away from the door. Janus moves to the other side of the blob. When the explosion occurs, Nelson somehow gets thrown straight out the hatchway, when he should have hit the far wall of the lab.

  • When Crane visits Clark in the brig, one of the ship-wide microphones is hanging by the hatchway. When Kowalski brings Clark some food later in the episode, the microphone has vanished.

  • Season 1 Episode 24: The Saboteur

  • Uncredited roles:

    Derrik Lewis (O'Brien), Werner Klemperer (Brainwasher's voice), Irwin Allen (Crewman's voice), John Ward (Lieutenant), John Durran and Vince Carroll (Guards)

  • James Brolin, who is only seen from the back and side (and one quick facial shot as he collapses) and only speaks a word or two, is listed in the credits. The actor playing O'Brien, who actually has quite a bit of screen time and a number of lines, is not listed.

  • Forester nearly catches Crane in the auxilary missile room. If you watch closely, you'll see Warren Stevens shut his eyes an instant before David Hedison hits him over the head.

  • When Forester shoots Crane, we see Crane clutch at his upper right arm. The next instant, the camera shot changes to a back angle, and Crane's left arm is down at waist level, touching the missile.

  • Nelson cautions Forester about using his gun in the nose, saying that a bullet could smash one of the windows. Nice safe material they're using for this high-tech, heavy-duty submarine.

  • During most of the episode, Crane (and the audience) is wondering who the second agent slipping him instructions is. Early in the episode, most of the men involved in the mission meet in the nose to discuss matters. If you watch carefully (you're supposed to be concentrating on the conversation) you can actually see the agent slip the first matchbook onto the table, where Crane will find it a few minutes later!

  • Season 1 Episode 22: The Buccaneer

  • Uncredited roles:

    Dick Dial (Guard #2), Ray Didsbury (Crewman), Dennis Cross, George Sawaya, John Cliff, Peter Dixon, and Paul Kessler (Men)

  • Some editing at the beginning results in some confusion. When the invaders enter the Missile Room, the crewmen jump to the attack and are restrained by the officers. No shots are fired, no one is clubbed, knifed, or otherwise struck. After the opening credits, the scene returns to the Missile Room. If you look closely, you can see a body on the floor behind the men. A short time later, Chip Morton refers to "Henderson and Purcelli". Purcelli has been "taken away"--presumably killed; Morton is not certain about Henderson. The audience is left wondering.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: The Indestructible Man

  • Uncredited roles:

    Marco Lopez (Medic), Scott McFadden and William O'Douglas, Jr. (Robot)

  • Season 1 Episode 20: The Invaders

  • Uncredited roles:

    Marco Lopez, Richard Geary, and Bill Kinney (Sailors)

  • The same actor (Marco Lopez) is seen near the beginning of the episode as a uniformed officer in the Control Room, and near the end of the episode as a common seaman (one of the men called to keep Zar at gunpoint).

  • The doctor and Nelson finally get a close look at Zar's blood sample and see the "filtered virus". They make such comments as a drop of Zar's blood having enough virus to kill everyone on Earth, and, if he's wounded in any way, the virus will somehow get out of the Seaview into the ocean and multiply. However, Zar was wounded--twice. The doctor had drawn a blood sample--and that should have been enough to kill the doctor, Nelson and the aide in sickbay. Later, Zar had wounded himself to infect Foster, and he had considerably more than a drop of fluid on his hand.

  • The doctor casualy states that, according to Carbon-14 tests, Zar is 20 million years old. Carbon-14 is not used on living subjects, because it involves destroying a sample of the item being dated.

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