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Introduction: "We travel through time to help history along. Give it a push when it's needed. When the Omni's Red it means history's wrong. Our job is to get everything back on track. Green light kid, We did it!" ========================= Phineas Bogg is a member of a group people called Voyagers. They help history along. Give it a push where it's needed. He is a regular human that was living as a pirate a few hundred years ago, when he was chosen to be a voyager. He travels by way of a gold pocket watch like device called an omni. When the light is flashing red, it means history is wrong. His job is to fix it. In the pilot episode, Bogg ends up in 1982 when his omni malfunctions. (He is only supposed to be able to go as far as 1970.) He ends up in the apartment where 12 year old Jeffery Jones and his aunt and uncle live. (Jones parents were recently killed in an accident.) While there, Jeffery's dog grabs hold of Bogg's guide book (basically a history book.) Bogg being a pretty inept history person has no clue what to do without his book. One thing leads to another and Jeffery falls out of the building's window. The only way to save him is for Bogg to jump out after him and travel through time. Now Bogg is stuck in time with a 12 year old kid (Jeffery), no guide book, and no way of getting Jeffery back. But he does have an ace in the hole. Jeffery's dad was a history professor and Jeffery picked up much of his knowledge. So now the two of them, travel through time, giving history a push along where it is needed. =============== Company credits: Production Companies * James D. Parriott Productions * Scholastic Productions * Universal TV Distributors * MCA (video) * National Broadcasting Company (NBC) =================== Awards Young Artist Awards 1983 -- Nominated -- Best Young Actor in a New Television Series -- Meeno Peluce ========================= Release dates USA -- 3 October 1982 West Germany -- 1989 ====================== Timeline (Year, Episode, Place) ??? WORLDS APART-the Ice Age in Siberia 1450 BC-VOYAGERS!-baby Moses segment 1356 BC-TUT AND TUTTLE: THROUGH THE TIME PYRAMID-King Tut is a boy, Tommy Tuttle travels back in time from 1984. 1356 BC-VOYAGERS!-THE TOMB OF KING TUT-Nefertiti, Thebes 1311 BC-VOYAGERS!-THE TOMB OF KING TUT-learn Tut is dead-time changed, must be changed back 73 BC-VOYAGERS!-CREATED EQUAL-Spartacus segment 44 BC-VOYAGERS!-CLEO AND THE BABE-Mark Antony, Cleopatra 1066-VOYAGERS!-cannons are here and shouldn't be 1194-VOYAGERS-AN ARROW POINTING EAST-Robin and Merry Men 1216-death of King John. 1260-Nicolo and Maffeo Polo travel to China and back in 1269. 1262-VOYAGERS-TRAVELS OF MARCO..AND FRIENDS-Persia, Issac-Voyager Polo was in his early teens when they started out. Here in this episode, his brother and he are captured by Persian bandit Karaunas. 1271-Marco Polo journeys to China (TTT-ATTACK OF THE BARBARIANS puts his travels--but not necessarily his starting year, at 1275. 1275-VOYAGERS-TRAVELS OF MARCO...and FRIENDS-Marco Polo, Kublai Khan; time change-Marco never arrived. 1287-TTT-ATTACK OF THE BARBARIANS TTT-daughter of Kublia Khan--Sarit marries a fair haired dark faced stranger from a far away place but it is not Tony Newman. 1291-CROSSBOW-WIILLIAM TELL adventures begin. 1292-Marco Polo was in service to Kublai Khan from 1275 until this year. 1300-time of SINBAD--? 1492-VOYAGERS!-Bogg is supposed to go here in the pilot 1526-TTT-THE DEATH MERCHANT-possible time Niccolo Machiavelli was taken from, out of his time accidentally by the time tunnel. His signal almost matches Doug Phillip's signal exactly. 1537-year of Machiavelli's death 1649-VOYAGERS-THE KING AND THE VOYAGER-Queen Ann, son Louis XIV trades places with Jeff, Charles de Lorraine 1692-VOYAGERS!-AGENTS OF SATAN-Salem Witch trials 1699-VOYAGERS!-CLEO AND THE BABE-Isaac Newton 1746-VOYAGERS-MERRY CHRISTMAS BOGG-young George Washington and mom 1752-VOYAGERS!-BULLY AND BILLY-Ben Franklin, Penn, kite 1776-VOYAGERS-MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOGG-time change-enemy of America is George Washington! Nathan Hale. Bogg and Jeff fix this up 1789-VOYAGERS-OLD HICKORY AND PIRATE-Jean LaFitte, pirates 1798-VOYAGERS!-THE TOMB OF KING TUT-smaller tomb ransacked by Napolean in a time change! 1804-VOYAGERS-OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE-Lewis and Clarke 1814-VOYAGERS!-AGENTS OF SATAN-Francis Scott Key, Star Spangled Banner, Baltimore 1815-TTT-THE LAST PATROL-Gen. Phillip Southall is sent from 1968 to this time to save Tony and Doug. Last battle in the War of 1812. Army officer named Reynerson appears. 1815-VOYAGERS-OLD HICKORY AND THE PIRATE-Jean LaFitte was hung-time changed but is fixed; Andrew Jackson's forces won Battle of New Orleans. 1832-VOYAGERS!-THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN-London, Eng-Charles Dicken and fiance Marion Brownlow, Artful Dodger, Fagin 1836-TTT-THE ALAMO-Col. Travis is briefly taken to 1968 but opts to return to his time to help the Americans at the Alamo. An Army officer named Reynerson appears. March 6, 1836. 1836-VOYAGERS-REMEMBERING THE ALAMO-Davy Crockett, Ella Curtis- survivor of the Alamo, 1836-VOYAGERS-THE TRIAL OF PHINEAS BOGG-book of Niccolo Machiavelli-evil Voyager Drake, Mexico, Sam Houston, Mexicans, Voyager Susan, Voyager Judge Garth, different Omni-s appear 1847-VOYAGERS!-CREATED EQUAL-Hannibal Missouri, Harriet Tubman, young Sam Clemens 1860-VOYAGERS-SNEAK ATTACK-Pony Express, young , Jackie Knox-from 1942 Hawaii comes with Bogg and Jeffry, Buffalo Bill is a rider; they bring a motorcycle from 1941 to get past outlaws. 1861-VOYAGERS-TRAVELS OF MARCO..AND FRIENDS-Clara Barton, Civil War 1863-VOYAGERS!-THE DAY THE REBS TOOK LINCOLN-time mess-Lincoln's kidnapping made the South close to winning the war--Bogg and Jeffry go back to a few months before to stop the kidnapping 1875-VOYAGERS-BARRIERS OF SOUND-Mabel Hubbard is deaf, Alexander Graham Bell, Bell and Mabel are to marry in 1939! Bogg falls in love with Mabel! This is why the phone was not invented-Mabel's father after they married gave Bell the financial support to make the phone! 1876-VOYAGERS-BARRIERS OF SOUND-helping Bell finish the phone. 1877-THE RIFLEMAN 1879-VOYAGERS!-WORLDS APART-Thomas Edison takes Omni apart, Menlo Park, NJ 1880-VOYAGERS!-BULLY AND BILLY-Billy the kid killed Ted Roosevelt in a time change, Bogg and Jeffry stop this change 1884-VOYAGERS OF THE TITANIC-Bogg, Jeffry, and Voyager Olivia Dunn help the rabies shot be made by Louis Pasteur, Jeff is bitten by a rabid dog 1888-VOYAGERS-BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE-in Eng. 1889-VOYAGERS-JACK'S BACK-London, Jack the Ripper seems returned but this time it is really--Drake! Boggs is blamed. Drake is after the death of Nellie Bly and may also get Arthur Conan Doyle as well! Boggs stops him. Boggs is the inspiration for Jules Verne's hero in AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. 1890-VOYAGERS-BARRIERS OF SOUND-Dwight D. Eisenhower's mom is having trouble in labor, having him. Time change: no one has ever heard of a telephone! Later Bogg and Jeffry return to help deliver Dwight D. 1896-PARADISE-Ethan Cord gets charge of his 3 nephews and niece. 1896-VOYAGERS-MERRY CHRISTMAS BOGG-Labor dispute, Sam Gompers, Jeffry's great great grandfather and great great grandmother, Stephen and Amy Jones. Bogg almost lets them adopt Jeffry and almost leaves him. THE ALIENIST-novel by Caleb Carr-male 1898-VOYAGERS!-BULLY AND BILLY-Cuban war for independance against Spain. Time change due to Teddy Roosevelt being killed in 1880. 1903-VOYAGERS!-The Wright Brothers segment 1912-TTT-RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY-Titanic 1912-TTT-Raymond Swann is born. 1912-VOYAGERS-OF THE TITANIC-Molly Brown is on Titanic in a time change, the Omni of Voyager Olivia Dunn is taken by crooks who also stole the Mona Lisa. 1914-VOYAGERS!-WORLDS APART-Lawrence of Arabia, Akaba prison 1916-VOYAGERS-BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE-Albert Schweizter, Chief Nagandi, Africa, slavers 1916-VOYAGERS-REMEMBERING THE ALAMO-WWI, Mata Hari, Churchill, Switzerland 1917-VOYAGERS!-WWI-Mary Murhpy segment-planes haven't been invented 1917-VOYAGERS-BUFFALO BILL AND ANNIE OAKLEY PLAY THE PALACE-Russian Revolution--time change-British allied with Russia and are fighting in the Rev. 1919-VOYAGERS!-CLEO AND THE BABE-Babe Ruth spring training 1922-VOYAGERS!-THE TOMB OF KING TUT-is being opened 1924-VOYAGERS!-AGENTS OF SATAN-Houdini, seances 1924-VOYAGERS-DESTINY'S CHOICE-movie is to be made by FDR; Bogg and Jeff and Eleonor Roosevelt must get him to fight his disease and get him to try to walk--into Eleonor's arms; Sara Roosevelt-FDR's mother appears; 1927-VOYAGERS!-CLEO AND THE BABE-Cleopatra, Bogg witness Charles Lindbergh's landing, Prohibition, Cleopatra teams up with Lucky Luciano to kidnap Babe Ruth! 1927-VOYAGERS-AN ARROW POINTING EAST-Chas. Lindbergh flight-later they watch Lindbergh arrive in Paris. They must convince him to make the flight. 1927-VOYAGERS-DESTINY'S CHOICE-Hollywood, The Jazz Singer must get made (actor who plays Jeffry starred in the 1980 remake). Franklin Roosevelt is the director of a movie--a time change! Omni is taken. 1938-VOYAGERS-ALL FALL DOWN-Joe Louis trains but quits-time change, Bogg and Jeffry must convince him to train and fight Max Schmelling. Bogg helps him train. 1941-VOYAGERS-SNEAK ATTACK-save MacArthur from Japanese bombing 1944-VOYAGERS-SNEAK ATTACK-Gen. MacArthur already died in Pearl Harbor and this is a time change 1945-VOYAGERS-PURSUIT-aka RACE FOR SPACE!-Warner Von Braun, Austria, Nazis, Gestapo, evil sabotaur Kammel and Bogg's girl friend scientist Erica see Bogg and Jeffry later in 1969 at Cape Kennedy-Apollo 11! 1946-VOYAGERS-TRAVELS OF MARCO...and FRIENDS-Bikini Atoll-A Bomb 1969-VOYAGERS-PURSUIT-Apollo 11, time change-space program shut down-German scientist captured by Russians in WWII. 1970-VOYAGERS-ALL FALL DOWN-Jeff lands a hijacked plane after gas knocks everyone out, Jimmy Carter was on board. So was John Wayne 1982-VOYAGERS!-Phineas Bogg accidentally time takes Jeffry Jones ===============


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