Season 1 Episode 2

Created Equal

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 10, 1982 on NBC
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Arriving in Italy in 73 B.C., the pair discover that Spartacus is being sent to die in the arena in Rome, altering history and preventing him for leading the slave revolt in Capua.

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  • Great show inside out!

    After a rocky start as voyagers, both Phineas and Jeff

    Slowly but surely become friends as Phineas is the brawns

    But Jeff is the brains who knows his history inside out

    Here Spartacus is going to get his head chopped off altering

    Time as they must stop that as well as also save

    Young slave Harriet Miers in the Civil War era. Great show once again.

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    • Harriet: When you're on the run, every sound makes your skin crawl.
      Jeffrey: How many times you been on the run?
      Harriet: Lots. I'm trying to get back to Maryland. Join a thing called the Underground Railroad, to help slaves like me get to the North.
      Sam: Heck, you don't need no railroad. We'll get you your freedom.
      Harriet: I'm not going to the Railroad to be free. I'm going to work to help other slaves win their freedom. Slavery. It's the worst thing one human being can put on another. I won't rest until there's no such thing as slaves.

    • Jeffrey: This is the dumbest idea you ever had.
      Bogg: There's nothing dumb about winning enough money to get Harriet's freedom back.
      Jeffrey: There is when you don't know the first thing about playing cards.
      Bogg: Hey, you know, I was a Voyager long before I met you. I was playing cards when they were still made out of rocks.
      Jeffrey: Must've been tough to shuffle.

    • Jeffrey: Be careful. I don't want you getting hurt 'cause of me.
      Calpernia: Don't worry about me. Oh, Jeffrey, I'm going to miss you.
      Jeffrey: Hey, I'm gonna miss you, too. But be realistic. The lives of two little people don't add up to a hill of beans in this crazy republic.
      Calpernia: I'll never forget you, Jeffrey. Never.

    • Jeffrey: Smart grownups give me a pain.

    • Jeffrey: Bogg, are you hurt?
      Bogg: Nothing a week with Florence Nightingale wouldn't cure.

    • Jeffrey: David beat Goliath.
      Bogg: I was there, kid. It was a lucky shot.

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