Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 03, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the premier episode, Voyager and time traveller Phineas Bogg accidentally materializes outside the bedroom of a 12-year old orphan, Jeffrey Jones, in 1982. Jeff tries to stop his dog from running off with Bogg's chronological guidebook, and falls out a window. Bogg has to save him by jumping after Jeff and then activating his time travel device (an "Omni"). Without the guidebook, the two end up in Egypt (and a meeting with an infant Moses). They then travel to World War I France and discover that the airplane has never been invented. Bogg flunked out of his history classes at the Voyager academy, but fortunately Jeff is a history whiz. They travel back to Dayton, Ohio and help the Wright Brothers invent the first airplane. Successful, they travel back to WWI to make sure history is back on track. It is, but they end up in an aerial battle with the Red Baron. With some help from Eddie Rickenbacker, they emerge triumphant. The Omni is not entirely accurate, which means Bogg can't return Jeff to his proper time. The orphaned Jeff prefers to stay with Bogg and help him anyway.