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  • Voyager was my Doctor Who.

    Although I watch the current incarnation of Doctor Who, growing up in the 80's it was lame with cheesy effects. Voyagers was my Doctor Who. it was cool. They told about history. Jon seemed like the coolest guy to travel with. I wanted to be Meeno. Man it was a great show that was ahead of its time. It needs to be a movie or brought back as a tv show.
  • You will not find a better television show when it comes to writing and science fiction for children. Voyagers! only ceased to exist because of the death of Jon-Erik Hexum. If he had lived, it would be known as a great classic.

    Before there was a Quantum Leap, there was Voyagers!, the ORIGINAL 'fix right what once went wrong' TV show.

    When I was growing up in the 80's, few television shows were on prime time that were science fiction shows that could appeal to everyone. Even taking it out of that category, Voyagers! stands ALONE as a forgotten classic. It was forgotten by its short life span, dying along with the 'bullet' that killed Jon-Eric Hexum.

    Voyagers! presented two stories wrapped up into one; tying both historical problems in with Phineas Bogg (Hexum) and Jeffrey Jones (Meeno Peluce). It was the importance of both historical 'rights that needed correcting' that gave everyone a chance to experience history through their eyes. Superbly written, each episode did not veer off on silly tangents or long, drawn out love escapades. Always exciting and inspiring, Voyagers! will forever be known as the show that was ended, like Jon-Erik, long before its time.
  • Awesome show from the early eighties.

    Awesome show from the early eighties. I used to watch it when they showed reruns of it on Sci-Fi channel. Voyagers is about a time traveler Bogg and a twelve year old boy who accidently gets taken back in time with bogg who must make sure history follows it's course. In every episode the characters would travel to a place in history where something has gone wrong. Once there Bogg and Jeffery must figure out what has happened and how they can set it right. This means going to another part in time and fixing another mistake. This show while entertaing also taught about history, the people and cultures.
  • Great notstalgic trip back to the 80's here.

    It took me about 2 months but I rented all four discs and watched every episode. Conclusion: not as great as I remembered it from my youth but still highly enjoyable...usually. There are a few episodes that are borderline awful but as a series this really worked well in the days before the internet and wikipedia with it's secret plot to teach children about history. It is unfortunate that it only had a 20 episode run because I felt that the series was getting stronger towards the end when it got away from some of the early campy stuff and went to a more serious filming style. Great episodes deal with the Salem Witch Trials/Houdini, the Titanic, the trial of Phineas, and the finale with Jack the Ripper/Nellie Bly. You can tell the producers did not think the show was being cancelled since in this last episode Voyager Drake from the trial episode makes a reappearance and vows to use his omni to "ruin history". I see how they could have set up many episodes off this motif but never got the chance. There are several poor outings of the series also that make some strange choices for our protagonists to nudge back in line with history. For instance, I don't think too many young people would be interested in Samuel Gompers and the start of the union movement or Lawrence of Arabia. The show probably ruined itself though as it is filled with stunts, extravagant costumes, scores of extras, many sets, and horrible matte paintings used as scene transitions. It must have been extremely expensive to make this show in the days before CGI. The other negative associated with the reminiscent viewing is there are very few notable guest stars in any of the 20 episodes. The best I could come up with is Shannen Doherty as the young Betty Paris, the accuser in the Salem Witch Trials and Jonathan Frakes(#1 on Star Trek - TNG) as Charles Lindberg. I do recommend giving this a try for anyone who does remember the show, it won't have you saying, "Bat's breath".
  • cool show

    i remember watching this show religously when it came on. i was really disappointed when it was cancelled. i knew it would never come back after the star actor died. i did not know until years later that the actor that played the kid was punky brewsters older brother. this show was one of the best scifi shows from the early eighties.
  • Simply put, this was THE definitive show of the early 1980s. Even more so than other fare like Silver Spoons geared towards children, Voyagers! inspired a generation to pursue careers in entertainment beyond just acting.

    This show was so far ahead of its time it lasted only one season and had a short run in syndication. One wonders why this isn't available on DVD yet considering the hardcore fan base that would certainly snap it up.

    A show that combined a unique story line with actual history lessons was tailored specifically for youngsters and instructed while it entertained - the exact use for which television is best used for children. Instead, shows like this fade into memory while today's children get drivel. C'est la vie.
  • Cheesy show that had all the right themes. Good fun, never should've gone away, miss the adventure, well the misadventures of Phinneas Bogg and a young guide to his travels.

    This is a show that was incredibly innovative. To redo this show would be to educate people on the sly. To inform and to have a good time is what more shows should aspire to. When I watched this show I was very young and yet enjoyed the time travel aspect and would love to relive it and share something like this with my children. The favorabe piece to redoing this show today is, our advanced technology. The show might even be leaps and bounds above the original, though one solid thing was the quick witted writing and inventive things they did to get in and out of situations.
  • Voyagers was a time travel show that was in the early 80s. The two main characters were Jeffrey Jones and Phineas Bogg. The duo go back in time to fix a wrong and make it right. Give it a push where it is needed. A great time travel show that was great.

    This amazing show had alot more promise. Of course it was only on for one season. But I remember like it was yesterday. I hate to think that if Voyagers would of been on alot longer the main character would of probaly be living today. From what Ive gathered over the years Jon-Erik Hexum was an amazing guy. He had alot of qualities of older great actors in a young attractive frame. Hollywood came a calling and he answered back. This young man had alot of talent and skys were no limit on what else he could of pulled off. He made a lasting impression on alot of people. He will always be missed. An interesting young man who left a lasting impression on Hollywood.
  • Voyagers! got lucky. The James D. Parriot curse happened.

    Having it be on Sundays @ 7:00 EST/6:00 CST was a grueling task to find viewers, not only being opposite 60 Minutes, but being joined in progress after an NBC NFL Doubleheader.

    Fortunately, this series got very lucky! Thanks to the 1982 NFL strike, most of its episodes were seen in its entirety during the NFL strike.

    Even though the show was educational, critics called it the most violent show of the 1982-83 season. I liked that time traveling show, long after Peabody & before Bill & Ted were ever thought up.

    James D. Parriott had an unfortunate streak of bad luck, when the series started, canned next year & star dies the following. Voyagers; debuted 1982, canned 1983 & Jon-Erik Hexum died 1984. It continued with Misfits of Science; debuted 1985 canned 1986 & Dean Paul Martin died 1987.
  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures.

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live Voyagers!. You have one more (secret) supporter here!
  • I was addicted and obsessed with the show...

    I was addicted and obsessed with the show so much, that now I would give anything or do anything to help to make it possible for the show to get put back on the air, because there is so much more history out there to make more episodes about. Also not just the history of the show but also who it is about as well. The trick to it though is finding someone that could play them two characters as well as Jon Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce did. I myself already have an idea of someone that could play Phineas Bogg as well as Jon Erik Hexum did. I am not sure what his real name is but I do of another show that he played on before and his voice actually does sound a little bit like Jon Erik Hexums voice but just not quite as deep though, and I am confident that he could play the character of Phineas Bogg as well as Jon Erik Hexum did.
  • I loved it! You can learn a lot about history through this show.

    Even if you know nothing about history this show is definalty right! I loved it myself! It a great show! I think they should have kept it on the air! It was one of the best shows! I was never one to really care about history but this show may not make it perfect and adlib some of the facts but it was still a great series!