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  • Great notstalgic trip back to the 80's here.

    It took me about 2 months but I rented all four discs and watched every episode. Conclusion: not as great as I remembered it from my youth but still highly enjoyable...usually. There are a few episodes that are borderline awful but as a series this really worked well in the days before the internet and wikipedia with it's secret plot to teach children about history. It is unfortunate that it only had a 20 episode run because I felt that the series was getting stronger towards the end when it got away from some of the early campy stuff and went to a more serious filming style. Great episodes deal with the Salem Witch Trials/Houdini, the Titanic, the trial of Phineas, and the finale with Jack the Ripper/Nellie Bly. You can tell the producers did not think the show was being cancelled since in this last episode Voyager Drake from the trial episode makes a reappearance and vows to use his omni to "ruin history". I see how they could have set up many episodes off this motif but never got the chance. There are several poor outings of the series also that make some strange choices for our protagonists to nudge back in line with history. For instance, I don't think too many young people would be interested in Samuel Gompers and the start of the union movement or Lawrence of Arabia. The show probably ruined itself though as it is filled with stunts, extravagant costumes, scores of extras, many sets, and horrible matte paintings used as scene transitions. It must have been extremely expensive to make this show in the days before CGI. The other negative associated with the reminiscent viewing is there are very few notable guest stars in any of the 20 episodes. The best I could come up with is Shannen Doherty as the young Betty Paris, the accuser in the Salem Witch Trials and Jonathan Frakes(#1 on Star Trek - TNG) as Charles Lindberg. I do recommend giving this a try for anyone who does remember the show, it won't have you saying, "Bat's breath".