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  • You will not find a better television show when it comes to writing and science fiction for children. Voyagers! only ceased to exist because of the death of Jon-Erik Hexum. If he had lived, it would be known as a great classic.

    Before there was a Quantum Leap, there was Voyagers!, the ORIGINAL 'fix right what once went wrong' TV show.

    When I was growing up in the 80's, few television shows were on prime time that were science fiction shows that could appeal to everyone. Even taking it out of that category, Voyagers! stands ALONE as a forgotten classic. It was forgotten by its short life span, dying along with the 'bullet' that killed Jon-Eric Hexum.

    Voyagers! presented two stories wrapped up into one; tying both historical problems in with Phineas Bogg (Hexum) and Jeffrey Jones (Meeno Peluce). It was the importance of both historical 'rights that needed correcting' that gave everyone a chance to experience history through their eyes. Superbly written, each episode did not veer off on silly tangents or long, drawn out love escapades. Always exciting and inspiring, Voyagers! will forever be known as the show that was ended, like Jon-Erik, long before its time.