Season 1 Episode 13

The Trial of Phineas Bogg

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 16, 1983 on NBC
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Phineas Bogg is on trial for breaking the Voyagers code of ethics.

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    Please read all reviews including Ashepiro's but keep in mind some folks do not always check their facts before making their reviews. Hopefully he will see this and relize as I did that it was an honest mistake, but a mistake nevertheless. Although well intentioned, he makes the mistake of Time with a time travel show. How naughty Ashepiro. The Doctor Who episode referenced wasn't produced for another three years. Trial of a Time Lord aired in September of 1986 and the Voyagers episode aired in January of 1983. Now that the record is straight, maybe everyone can start seeing this episode and this show for what they are, genuinely original. Hopefully it comes to DVD soon.

  • Writer Jill Sherman takes the hoary "bread-and-butter" episode convention and turns it on its head by writing a memorable framing story about Phineas Bogg being brought up on charges for violation of the Voyager code. His punishment: banishment--and separmoreless

    A "bread and butter episode" in TV parlance is one which shows clips from previous episodes as a moneysaving effort. Usually they involve some lame framing sequence such as looking at photos or reminiscing during a snowstorm. Writer Jill Sherman took a different tack: the framing story involves Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones being summoned back to Voyager headquarters where Bogg will be brought up on charges of violation of the Voyager code. His defense attorney: Susan, the cute blonde he once oogled in class. The prosecuting attorney: a sinister former classmate named Drake who has been banishing Voyagers right and left for supposed "violations" in an effort to gain power. It was a "cracking good" story and created an entire new mythos for the series. Drake would have made an excellent Moriarity to Bogg and Jeffrey's Holmes and Watson had the series gone on to a second season.

    Incidentally, to the reviewer who said "Voyagers!" stole the idea for this episode from "Dr. Who's" "The Trial of a Time Lord," you need to check your timeline. "The Trial of Phineas Bogg" was presented in 1983. "Trial of a Time Lord" aired in 1986. The only resemblance of "Trial of a Time Lord" to this episode is that the hero is put on trial.moreless
  • Phineas Bogg and Jeffery are taken out of time, and Phineas Bogg is put on trial in the Voyager court For Ethics, and Meddling in time. Though Altered Evidence, Drake, the Prosecutor tries to Frame Phineas. In th End, Drake is found out, anmoreless

    They Took this Story From The Doctor Who Season Called \"Trial of a Time Lord\" With Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor.

    Bogg is The Doctor.

    Drake is the Valeyard

    Jeff is the Companion.

    The Evidence that Drake is alot like the Evidence the Valeyard tries to frame the Doctor.

    Good Story...It\'s Just ashame that they Ripped it off from Doctor Who!

    I barely remember seeing this Story when it was first on, But I Now that I have seen Trial of a Time Lord, Can see the Great Similarities Between this story and Trial of a Time Lord.

    oh, one more Similarity, Jeff is made a Full Voyager. In Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, The Great Webcast from the BBCI, ACE, the Seventh Doctor\'s Companion becomes a Time Lord.

    It\'s ashame that they never did Do more than one Season. It was my one of my favorite shows of that time. Too bad Hexum, who played Phineas Bogg Died!moreless

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    • Jeffrey: I just wanted to help.
      Garth: Your motives are not in question here. But an experienced Voyager should have known better than to take along with him such a young, untrained civilian on Voyager missions, involving matters of historical importance.
      Bogg: The kid is a historical ace. I couldn't ask for a better partner.

    • Bogg: The kid didn't do anything wrong.
      Drake: Not willfully. Which brings us to the most serious charge. The boy being used on Voyager missions.
      Bogg: My Omni couldn't get him back home to 1982.
      Kane: There must have been an adequate care facility for the child somewhere in time.
      Bogg: An orphanage?
      Drake: Yes.
      Bogg: Well, I figured he would be better off with me.
      Garth: Then you must be held responsible for that decision.

    • Susan: So, Phineas Bogg, you find yourself in the field without your Voyager guidebook.
      Bogg: Uh, that's right. But I had Jeffrey.
      Brindle: Are you telling this tribunal that Jeffrey became your guidebook?
      Bogg: Yes. I'll admit I was a little leery about it at first myself.

    • Garth: We must now weigh the evidence presented here. And our decision will affect not only the career of Voyager Phineas Bogg and the future of young Jeffrey Jones, but of the fate of all Voyagers. Of course, ultimately, we're charged with upholding the Voyager Code and the safety of the past, present and future, which that code and all Voyagers are sworn to defend.

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