V.R. Troopers

Fox Kids (ended 1996)


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V.R. Troopers

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Saban's VR Troopers was the first official "sister series" to the most popular "action fighting kid show" at the time, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Much like it, this was an Americanization of a Japanese special effects children's program by Toei Company LTD. The show focused on three young adults in their late teens, Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Star, and J.B. Reese, living in the West Coast town of Cross World City. They regularly attended and were teachers at "Tao's Dojo", a karate studio (Ryan was the most focused martial artist, J.B. was the computer wizard, while Kaitlin was a photographer/budding reporter for the local newspaper, the Underground Voice Daily). One day, Ryan's search for his long missing father led him and his two friends to a strange laboratory. Inside, a digitized head of Ryan's father's friend, Professor Hart, explaind the truth about his life's work, having developed extremely advanced virtual reality technology in secret. VR is in actuality a dimension existing alongside our own, and within it lie mutants and monsters bent on conquering both worlds. The main ruler of them is a creature known as Grimlord, who, unbeknowst to anyone on Earth, has a human identity as billionaire industrialist Karl Ziktor. As he tries to break down the barriers of the true reality to allow his armies easy passage from virtual world, it's now up to Ryan, Kaitlin, and J.B. to defend the planet from both sides of the dimensional barrier. Luckily, they've got assistance, in the form of armored bodies with incredible firepower. This included eventual additions to their arsneal, such as a Turbo Cycle, Techno Bazooka, and a flying, laser-blasting Skybase! Other regular characters on the show included Jeb, Ryan's hound dog, who, after an accident in Prof. Hart's lab, is now capable of speech (and sounds like Jack Nicholson); Woody Stocker, Kaitlin's wacky hat-loving boss at the Underground Voice Daily; Percy Rooney, Kaitlin's bumbling rival reporter at the paper (and nephew of the mayor); and Tao, the wise martial arts sensei who owns the dojo. Recurring villains include General Ivar, a vicious rocket-shaped monster with his own tank; Colonel Icebot, a cold blooded virtual menace; Decimator, a sword-wielding warrior; the Skugs, gold headed foot soldiers, and more throughout. During the second season, the show changed format very slightly. Ryan's father was finally found, though he wouldn't remain safe for long. With him, came an upgrade to Ryan's V.R. armor. Grimlord switched from working in a dungeon to a massive spacecraft, and added new Generals such as DoomMaster (and his Vixens), Oraclon, and Despera. The Skugs now had the ability to become more powerful in the form of Ultra-Skugs! During the first season, footage of V.R. Ryan came from the 1987 Toei Metal Hero series, "Chou Jinki Metarudaar" (Super Man Machine Metalder). During the second season, V.R. Ryan's new form and villains came from the 1984 Toei series "Uchuu Keiji Shaidaa" (Space Sheriff Shaider. Both seasons. V.R. J.B. and V.R. Kaitlin's footage came from the 1986 Toei Metal Hero series "Jikuu Senshi Supiruban" (Dimension Warrior Spielban). Original footage was more common in the second season than the first. Saban's VR Troopers was a co-production of: Toei Company, LTD. and Cyberprod, Inc. It was originally copyrighted by Saban Entertainment, Inc. and Saban International, N.V., which is now known as BVS Entertainment, Inc (a part of the Walt Disney Company). _The theme song (written by Shuki Levy & Kussa Mahchi):_ Countdown control Four, three, two, one We are, we are VR, We are, we are VR, We are, we are VR, We are, we are VR! Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Four, three, two, one We are, we are VR, We are, we are VR, We are, we are VR, We are, we are VR! Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Troopers three (go!), Virtual Reality Troopers three (go!) We are, we are VR!



  • Galileo's New Memory still

    Galileo's New Memory

    S 2 : Ep 40

    Aired 2/21/96 (21:19)

  • Time Out! still

    Time Out!

    S 2 : Ep 39

    Aired 2/20/96

  • Grimlord's Dummy still

    Grimlord's Dummy

    S 2 : Ep 38

    Aired 2/13/96 (21:20)

  • The Ghost of Cross World Forest still

    The Ghost of Cross World Forest

    S 2 : Ep 37

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