V.R. Troopers

Fox Kids (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 2/21/96
      The Troopers have invented a new robot, GALILEO, to assist Professor Hart in the lab. His memory banks hold all the knowledge of the lab's computer. Grimlord kidnaps the robot and begins extracting information in order to crush the Troopers. But the Troopers have a plan...they follow Doom Master back to the Dark Fortress and rescue the robot. There, they find that Grimlord has stolen nearly all the robot's information. Troopers rescue Galileo and set Grimlord's computers to self-destruct. As they leave, Grimlord's chamber goes up in flames.moreless
    • Time Out!
      Episode 39
      Knighttime freezes time and it is up to Ryan (with the unlikely help of Grimlord) to destroy the machine of its source. And in the meantime, J.B. and Kaitlin are sent out to destroy another new monster, called FANBOT.
    • Grimlord's Dummy
      Episode 38
      Woody asks Kaitlin, Ryan, and JB to find entertainment for the annual Underground Kid's Extravaganza. They go to the park, where they track down WENDLE, a young ventriloquist and his dummy, WOODMAN. They hire him on the spot. When Ziktor gets word of the Trooper's mission, he transforms and orders Despera to place a spell on Woodman--bringing the puppet to life. Wendle is first amused at Woodman's unexpected outbursts, but then realizes he has no control over the dummy. When the dummy begins to grow to human proportions, he announces his true objective: to destroy the VR Troopers. Woodman steals JB and Kaitlin's Virtualizers, then runs off. To distract the Troopers, Grimlord sends PUPPETOID into Cross World city. Ryan must fight Puppetoid while JB and Kaitlin find Woodman and restore him to his earlier condition. They recover their Virtualizers, Wendle and Woodman are reunited, and the Underground Kid's Extravaganza is a smashing success!moreless
    • When the Troopers run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, they must abandon their car and spend the night in an old miner's cabin near the old Ghost Mine where Grimlord is constructing his newest weapon---the REALITY BUSTER. Despera releases FOGBOT and the FOGATRONS, creatures who dispense a deadly fog which takes away a trooper's power to transform. Ryan goes for a walk and is disabled by the Fogbot. JB goes to look for Ryan, transforms and helps from the VR Skybase. Kaitlin falls into a mineshaft when she and Jeb go looking for Ryan and JB. Professor hart configures the VR Scanner to neutralize the effects of the fob. VR JB saves Ryan and Jeb saves Kaitlin by pulling her out of the mine with a rope. Together again and back to full power, the VR Troopers destroy the weapons factory and the Reality Buster. Then VR Ryan defeats Fogbot.moreless
    • 2/7/96
      Despera promises Grimlord that she finally has the secret weapon needed to destroy the VR Troopers: her evil sister, DESPONDA. Grimlord puts Deponda in charge of the Air Castle, and enlists the help of Icebot and General Ivar. Meanwhile, in Cross World City, Tao has left town for the weekend, and left the Dojo in the hands of Ryan. When there's a break in the reality barrier, JB and Kaitlin respond, leaving Ryan behind to keep an eye on the dojo. But when VR JB and the two VR Kaitlins get pulled into the Air Castle, Ryan must put aside his duty to Tao long enough to save his friends. VR JB and the VR Kaitlins wage a fierce battle against Desponda. In the end, VR Ryan helps the other Troopers defeat the evil mutant and destroy Grimlord's beloved Air Castle. Back at the dojo, Tao has returned and understands that Ryan must have a good reason to leave the dojo. Grimlord, however, is not as forgiving with Despera and Desponda.moreless
    • 2/6/96
      Grimlord, with the help of Strickland has developed a computer-type machine, the DUPLITRON, that can create anything once the name of it is typed into the keyboard. His plan is to manufacture many Duplitrons so they can begin forming a massive army. But when Strickland is taking the Duplitron to the factory, the Troopers recognize him and investigate his actions. They end up with the Duplitron and go the Underground to examine it. There Percy, who is in need of a computer, accidentally takes it. Soon Percy discovers the machine's powers and uses it to create money and girls to surround himself. Meanwhile, the Troopers discover Grimlord's plan to form a massive army, and head out to find the Duplitron factory. They must also destroy Percy's prototype. Using the VR Drill Tank, VR Ryan destroys the factory, then battles Grimlord's DUPLITRONIC monster to save the day.moreless
    • Field and Scream
      Episode 34
      When Ziktor calls a press conference to announce plans to bulldoze a forest to build a "research facility". The Troopers shame him in front of the press, pressuring him to agree to accompany them on the weekend "Nature Scout" camping trip which Kaitlin will cover as a photo story for the Underground Voice Daily. Ziktor, realizing that he will be unable to control his evil empire during the trip, appoints KNIGHTTIME to make sure that nothing good happens in his absence. Ziktor quickly tires on the hard work and humiliation he endures and gets word to Ivar to unleash BAZOOKA BOT and RAVAGEBOT on Cross World City--just to bring the camping trip to an end. The Troopers, in order to protect their identities, defeat the monsters in tag team fashion. Back at the Underground, Ziktor comes by to take a look at the tools which will turn the tide of public opinion in favor of his research facility---Kaitlin's pictures. Unfortunately, the photos prove to weaken his position as they portray him as a buffoon in nature. Frustrated, Ziktor gives up his plans and storms out of the Underground.moreless
    • 11/28/95
      Grimlord frees Cross World City's most evil convict, "NUTSY" NICHOLS, from prison. Strickland then transforms him into the ultimate anti-Trooper weapon, the NUTSY MONSTER, who is immediately sent after the Troopers. In addition, Doom Master sends JAILBOT to battle VR Ryan as the other Troopers fight Nutsy---keeping in mind that what they're fighting is not a mutant but actually a human being. When the Monster is distracted by Woody's bag of peanuts, VR Kaitlin and VR JB use this weakness to lure the creature to the lab where, with the Professor's help, he is transformed back to human form. Meanwhile, VR Ryan destroys Jailbot and retroforms back to the lab. The teens decide to get "Nutsy" back to the prison before he wakes up. At the Warden's Office, "Nutsy" expresses his remorse. He feels like a great evil has passed through his body. The Troopers are impressed that even a hardened criminal like "Nutsy" can change.moreless
    • 11/27/95
      Strickland develops a love potion Grimlord will use to preoccupy the Troopers, leaving the world defenseless. Strickland delivers a box of chocolates (addressed to Kaitlin) which contains the potion. Percy, however, intercepts the candy and sneaks some for himself, falling headover-heels in love with Kaitlin. The Troopers are puzzled, but when Kaitlin eats the chocolates and falls in love with Percy, they know there's a big problem. They take the chocolate to the lab while Percy and Kaitlin plan their wedding. Grimlord launches CUPITRON against the Troopers. They triumph against Grimlord, finish the antidote, and race to stop the wedding. Just before they say their vows, Kaitlin and Percy drink the antidote and return back to normal, disgusted by the thought of marrying each other. Percy finds his real dream girl and the Troopers reflect on the power love.moreless
    • 11/21/95
      Grimlord discovers that magentifity can damage the troopers hardaware and decides to use it to against the troopers through Magnetbot.
    • 11/20/95
      The Krossworld Kids, a popular, young, rock group, agrees to play a special benefit for the Homeless at the Tao Dojo. Grimlord decides to steal their musical talents with his mutant BONGOTRON. Despera creates a diversion that draws the Troopers away while Doom Master kidnaps the band and their fan club. Jeb leads the Troopers to General Ivar's underground fortress, where they free the prisoners and VR Ryan fights Bongotron. Ryan wins, restoring the Krossworld Kids' musical talents, and they hold their benefit concert.moreless
    • Dream Battle
      Episode 29
      Grimlord uses Knighttime to make Ryan, JB, and Kaitlin fall into a deep sleep where they experience the world as it might be if Grimlord won. If Hart and Jeb can't revive the Troopers, the heroes will remain in the "dream world" for the rest of their lives. Hart enters the dream world via a VR Visor interface and manages to tell the Troopers they are dreaming. The Troopers fight a menagerie of robots and airships, including their own skybase and Troopertron, before realizing that they must literally think their way from the dream rather than fight.moreless
    • 11/14/95
      Friendly, little creatures called CHARMEEKAS become the popular new pet in Cross World City. But the Troopers discover that Grimlord has sent them, and soon, they will mature into mutants called CHARMADORS who will carry out his plans for destruction. They must get rid of the Charmeekas before they all transform. JB and Kaitlin fly overhead and draw all the Charmeekas back across the reality barrier...except one which didn't hear the high-pitched lure. Soon this last Charmeeka mutates into a Charmador. Ryan must battle the last mutant through several zones before finally destroying him.moreless
    • 11/13/95
      When Ryan, JB, and Kaitlin take foster children to the mountains for Christmas, they meet one of Santa's elves, OTTO. Some of the foster kids don't believe the elf, especially young Ian, but Ryan, JB, and Kaitlin do. Otto goes back to the dojo with the group so the Troopers can figure out how to reunite him with Santa. Skugs, however, kidnap the elf to the Dark Fortress and coerce him to grant Grimlord's wish- -"Destroy the VR Troopers!" Otto won't give in and, instead, tricks Grimlord to wich him back to the dojo, just in time for the Christmas party. Ryan's Christmas wish is granted when Tyler Steele arrives with Santa, having gotten a ride on his sled. Santa has presents for everyone, including a new bow staff for JB. And Kaitlin's wish is granted when it begins to snow. Everybody believes in Santa now, even young Ian, who got to pull Santa's whiskers to make sure they were real.moreless
    • Into Oraclon's Web
      Episode 26
      Ryan befriends a mysterious new girl named Alexis, unaware that she is really one of Grimlords minions in disguise. Then, Ryan takes on Oraclon, one-on-one, and defeats him.
    • 11/7/95
      With the help of his old friend KNIGHTTIME, Grimlord sends Kaitlin and J.B. back to prehistoric earth and plans to do the same to Ryan. Meanwhile, the Evil emperor instructs Knighttime to construct the ultimate time machine that will send all the citizens of earth hurling back to a point before the beginning of time, thereby destroying them and making the planet his own. Grimlord sends LIZBOT to dispose of Ryan. They battle and Ryan is victorious. Meanwhile, Professor Hart has learned the location of Grimlord's time machine and also realizes that it's power might be able to retrieve J.B. and Kaitlin from the past. In a race against time, Ryan rescues his friends and then destroys the time machine once and for all. Knighttime, defeated, swears he will return.moreless
    • On the Wrong Track
      Episode 24
      Kaitlin is sent abroad to cover the Pan World Games. Grimlord uses this opportunity to alter the ceremonial gold medals thus transforming the world's greatest athletes into his army of mutants. While the three are occupied fighting skugs, Kaitlin's friend, a decathalete, is crowned with the gold and transforms into ATHLETETRON, the most powerful of Grimlord's creatures. VR Ryan must use all his strength, stamina and smarts to fend off such a strong adversary. Meanwhile, Kaitlin must stall the upcoming awards ceremony long enough for JB to deprogram the remaining medals and save the athletes from Grimlord's evil spell.moreless
    • Grimlord's Dark Secret (2)
      Ryan discovers how to access the pyramid and finds the source of Grimlord's secret identity. Before he can learn the identity, however, he's attacked by Despera. Despera proves to be a formidable opponent, but VR Ryan forces her to retreat. Ryan decides he must save his friends before learning Grimlord's secret. He saves JB and Kaitlin, and they go off to rescue Nebraska. Ryan returns to the pyramid, but must fight HYDRA-BOT. In the lab, Professor Hart and Jeb intercept a message from Grimlord: Oraclon will move the pyramid and seal off the portal, trapping our heroes on the island forever. Jeb races to save his friends. Meanwhile, Ryan defeats Hydra-Bot. He gets to the pyramid just as it disappears in a flash. Kaitlin and JB find Ryan in the cave, semi-conscious. Grimlord's identity has eluded them. Jeb runs in to tell his friends that the portal is closing forever. They rescue Nebraska and race through the portal, just in time! Ryan regrets losing the secrets to the pyramid, but he's grateful that he still has his friends. That, after all, comes first.moreless
    • 11/2/95
      An Archieologist discovers an ancient doorway to another world what he doesn't know that it also unlocks the information to grimlord's true idenity when grimlord discovers this. he sends doomaster and despra to stop the trooprs from uncovering his idenity.
    • 10/24/95
      Grimlord's warriors, led by LIZARDBOT, ransack a museum trying to find the Millennium Sabre. Meanwhile, the Troopers buy a rusty old sword at a garage sale, which Tao recognizes as the legendary "Millennium Sabre", a sword which is strengthened by an invincible power one day out of every thousand years---tomorrow being that one day. Grimlord's skugs steal the sword from the Troopers and prepares his attack plan. The Troopers try to figure out a way to stop the sword, though no one in the history of time has been able to do so. Kaitlin discovers that the sword is energized by lightening and when Grimlord's army enters reality and the sword begins to draw it's power. The destruction is to begin when Kaitlin and J.B. arrive to stall the Lizardbot. Ryan flies into an electrical storm in his Blue Hawk and collects energy by being hit by lightning. He returns just as Lizardbot is about to destroy his two fellow Troopers. He blasts the sword with the energy and destroys it.moreless
    • 10/18/95
      Tao Dojo becomes a temporary kiddie play center when the neighborhood center has water damage. Ryan, J.B., and Kaitlin must learn quickly how to deal with out-of-control kids, especially young Chad, who doesn't tell the truth. Ziktor/Grimlord, realizing that "kids are the future", sends OBOTATRON to turn the children into his slaves. Obotatron releases balloons which hypnotize kids who touch them. Adults who touch the balloons become imprisoned inside. Chad meets Obotatron in the park and is chased by balloons. He tells J.B., but J.B. does not believe him. Meanwhile, balloons in the dojo turn the kids into walking zombies and Ryan and Kaitlin become entrapped in the balloons, which float down the street. Tao takes care of Chad and the zombie kids, while J.B. transforms and fights off Obotatron to rescue Ryan and Kaitlin from the balloons. The Troopers defeat Obotatron, returning the children to normal. Chad, having learned to tell the truth, is accepted as Tao's newest karate student.moreless
    • New World Order
      Episode 19
      With Ryan's help, Kaitlin interviews bikers about an upcoming charity ride. But when Ryan puts on a new helmet, he tries to run Kaitlin over. He then roars off, with Percy handing on. Later, J.B. and Kaitlin fight Skugs who melts away with a bike. Professor Hart suggest the bike might be a clue to Ryan's behavior. On the lab monitor, Ryan and the bikers are seen making havoc in the city. J.B. and Kaitlin track Ryan down, but CYCLETRON materializes from a bike and fights them. Afterwards, Kaitlin finds a helmet with a mind-control device. J.B. and Kaitlin, later, do battle with Cycletron at his headquarters where a possessed Ryan holds Percy captive. When J.B. pulls Ryan's helmet off, Ryan returns to normal and removes the helmets from the other bikers. Meanwhile, J.B. destroys Cycletron and saves the day.moreless
    • Virtual Venom
      Episode 18
      While the Troopers are on a nature hike with J.B.'s nephew Sidney, Doom Master poses as a Park Ranger and gives Sydney a virtual spider to show his friends. It attacks J.B. and Kaitlin, biting them both with a virtual poison that enters their bloodstream and accelerates the aging process. As they begin to get older, Ryan attempts to find the spider so Professor Hart can make an antidote from its venom. Looking for the spider, though, Ryan is abducted by Skugs and taken to a waterfront location where ARACHNABOT, Grimlord's newest warrior, is waiting for him. They do battle, but Ryan sees that he's outmatched and gets away. Meanwhile, Sydney has decided to locate the spider that bit his uncle and Kaitlin on his own, and falls into a deep cave during the pursuit, realizing that the virtual spider is in the cave with him! Ryan once again battles Arachnabot, as Professor Hart sends Jeb to help Sydney. Ryan is nearly defeated by Arachnabot, but Doom Master steps in and destroys the bot first, in order to maintain his position with Grimlord. Ryan, free from the battle, rescues Sydney, catches the spider, and returns to the lab in time to save J.B. and Kaitlin from permanent old age.moreless
    • The Disk
      Episode 17
      A former teacher of Tyler Steele accidently creates a disk that could spell doom for the troopers when grimlord discovers this he sends his henchmen to retrieve the disk.
    • 10/10/95
      Kaitlin's photo shoot and J.B. and Ryan's motorcycles are destroyed when vicious plants come to life in Cross World City Park. Suspecting that Grimlord is behind this ecological stunt, J.B. and Kaitlin take a sample of the killer vine back to the lab for analysis. Meanwhile, Ryan is attacked by the killer vines. The vines later mutate into plant mutants: CHLOROPHOID and VEGBOT. V.R. Ryan battles Veg-Bot while V.R. J.B. and the twin V.R. Kaitlins fight Chlorophoid. The plant mutants must be destroyed before all life on earth is threatened. Once the Troopers are victorious, they give the plant samples to a biological foundation for research. The foundation rewards the teens with two brand new motorcycles.moreless
    • 10/9/95
      When the models don't show up for Kaitlin's fashion layout photo session, she becomes the model---until a famous movie director drops by to place an ad for a casting call for his new movie. Kaitlin is "discovered" and wins, not only the role but also the heart of the director. Meanwhile, all this movie business gives Grimlord an idea---he will create PHOTOBOT, half bot, half movie camera. Photobot will not only destroy the V.R. Troopers, he will photograph the battle for everyone to see. But General Ivar decides he wants to be a movie star and secretly uses Photobot to make a movie starring, who else, but General Ivar! Grimlord learns of the ruse and orders Photobot to destroy Ivar's movie set and attack Cross World City. Grimlord's armies march through the reality barrier as Ryan and J.B. transform. But they need Kaitlin and she is about to begin her new movie. Kaitlin must choose between movie stardom and her secret promise to defend all that is good. Kaitlin follows her heart, transforms and the V.R. Troopers save our reality.moreless
    • Grimlord tries to expand his Virtual Mirror Program with mass production of the compact transmitters. His evil plan is thwarted when Kaitlin Two---pretending to betray the V.R. Troopers---returns to his fortress, only to steal the Master Virtual Mirror Replicator and return to Earth. Professor Hart uses the device to put the two Kaitlins back together, but Jeb accidentally breaks the mirror transmitter. As a result, Kaitlin has a new power; she may transform into two V.R. Kaitlins when a dire situation calls for an additional hand.moreless
    • Grimlord creates a weapon that can duplicate anyone's image but create an opposite of what they are he uses it on Katlin to create an evil image of katlin. who wreaks havoc on her alter ego and the troopers however Hart realizes that if Katlin that if the two Katlin's are not put back into one by 24 hours they will both disappearmoreless
    • 10/2/95
      When Grimlord uses a new devise to trap Kaitlin and J.B. in negative space, turning them into "ghosts" on earth (invisible to everyone except Jeb), the evil mutant lord realizes his weapon is a success and begins plans to send the entire planet into this new zone - where the V.R. Troopers are powerless - and his power is supreme. Meanwhile, J.B. and Kaitlin who've discovered the location of the negative weapon - arrive at the lab, scare the heck out of Jeb who can see the "ghosts", and manage to type the location of the buried device on a computer for Ryan. Professor Hart introduces Ryan to the V.R. Gargantus, an awesome robot created from the V.R. Skybase that will be backup for Ryan's solo mission. Jeb, meanwhile, uses virtual headgear to enter the Negative Zone and lead J.B. and Kaitlin to safety. After a tough battle with SCISSOR FIST, V.R. Ryan succeeds in dismantling the Negative device.moreless
    • Watered Down
      Episode 11
      Grimlord is developing a substance in his underwater lab that will make it impossible for the Troopers to use their V.R. powers anywhere the substance is applied. When the Troopers spot the substance off shore near the beach, Ryan dives down to check it out. He meets OCTOBOT who has spread the substance into the surrounding water. With Ryan unable to use his V.R.Power and transform, he is trapped underwater with his air running out. J.B. and Kaitlin must find a way to reach Ryan and destroy the underwater lab that is manufacturing the substance before it's too late. With time running out, J.B. drills through the bedrock to enter the lab without passing through the water, and then he and Kaitlin destroy Octobot to neutralize the substance to enable Ryan to transform out at the last moment.moreless
    • Game Over
      Episode 10
      In an effort to keep up their battle skills and practice defending against Grimlord's forces, J.B. creates a virtual reality computer program that possesses all the fighting capabilities to which the Troopers are most vulnerable. Grimlord becomes aware of this "video game" adversary and devises a way to launch it into our reality so that the Troopers must face their most awesome opponent imaginable for real. By confronting their fears, they defeat their opponents and are able to destroy GAMEOID and erase the program from existence.moreless
    • Fashion Victim
      Episode 9
      When Kaitlin and the Troopers offer to help a young fashion designer, they end up lending a hand, V.R. style. Grimlord brainwashes Andrea and uses her to lure the Troopers to her studio. Luckily, Ryan has to stay behind to help Tao, because while J.B. and Kaitlin are modeling Andrea's designs, they are trapped in cocoons by SILKOID. When Ryan shows up, he wonders where Kaitlin and J.B. are. He decides to look for them, but is intercepted by Doom Master and Vixens. Ryan transforms and drives them off. Returning to the studio, he discovers some silk residue which he uses to create a V.R. sensor in the Blue Hawk to track Silkoid. Ryan returns to save Andrea and defeat Silkoid which broke the spell that he had over J.B. and Kaitlin and freed them from their cocoons. Back at the office, Andrea has decided to scrap her previous line and look for more appropriate models to sport her new designs which are based on the ""V.R. Trooper look"".moreless
    • 9/22/95
      The Troopers are able to get a crystal to power the new V.R. suit from Tao. They all must battle DESPERA, the ULTRA SKUGS, DOOM MASTER, and the VIXENS in the Quarry. In the end, the Troopers win.
    • 9/21/95
      Ryan's powers are gone, and Grimlord's new army is activated, can the Troopers create a new armor and power source for their leader in time before the new mutant army is put to work?
    • Quest for Power, Part 3
      Ryan loses his V.R. powers as he tries to rescue his father and the other Troopers.
    • Quest for Power (2)
      Grimlord continues to tap into Tyler Steel's mind, Jeb volunteers to infiltrate Grimlord's dungeon, and encounters the Wolfbot mutant. Against the wishes of Katlin, Ryan goes after Jeb and his father, but Grimlord is waiting for him...
    • 9/18/95
      Grimlord uses Tyler Steels' mind to create an energy prism which will upgrade his powers to a whole new level, he then unleashes a powrful cyborg to attack Ryan...
    • Secret Power
      Episode 3
      A neighborhood talent show is planned at the dojo. Amidst the festivities is little Timmy who is sad because he feels that he has no talent. Our teen heroes are determined to help him see differently. Meanwhile, Icebot has created a new invention, the Power Pulse -- two electro magnets, one at the Magnetic North Pole, the other near the Cross World City power plant. When full current is exchanged between these magnets, the reality barrier will warp and Ivar's robot armies will march through to destroy the real world. Fearing that the Troopers will discover the plot, Grimlord sends the MAGICIAN and several warrior bots to destroy the Troopers. The V.R. Troupers fight off the Magician and his warriors, and destroy the electromagnets just in time to save our reality. Back to the talent show, little Timmy says he has no talents, but Ryan, J.B. and Kaitlin show him that every kid has secret powers inside and lots of hidden talents.moreless
    • 9/12/95
      Strickland, a skug inventor, delivers to Ziktor the means to destroy Ryan's past-providing the industrialist with a portable time machine. Ziktor sends the inventor through the time barrier. From the data stream, the Professor has pulled Ziktor's plans for the time machine. While J.B. and Ryan build the device, Kaitlin volunteers to find a rare crystal needed to power it. Retrieving the crystal, Kaitlin encounters skugs which she battles and defeats. With the crystal, the Troopers complete their version of the time machine and send Ryan after Strickland while Kaitlin and J.B. go into battle with one of Grimlord's mutants. J.B. and Kaitlin defeat Grimlord's SHARKFIN as Ryan and Young Ryan, joining forces, defeat Grimlord's skugs. Bruised during the fight, Young Ryan doesn't remember anything about the skugs. Ryan sees his father but must return to the future before he has an opportunity to talk with him.moreless
    • Mutant Mutiny
      Episode 1
      As the Troopers entertain offers of commercial endorsements from a competing dojo to get money to help Tao's mother, AMPHIBIDOR, an evil mutant, is preparing a revolution against Grimlord; a revolution which will make this monster the dictator of Virtual Reality. When Grimlord realizes that his wicked empire is under attack, he devises a strategy to solve two problems at once: he will send Amphibidor after the V.R. Troopers. If they don't destroy each other, they will at least be weakened and vulnerable enough that Grimlord's thugs can finish the job. As Amphibidor battles V.R. Ryan, V.R. Kaitlin and V.R. J.B. face the rest of Grimlord's army in a full-out air battle. Together, the V.R. Troopers defeat Grimlord's men and Amphibidor---saving reality and ending Grimlord's revolution. Back at the dojo, the Troopers find out that Tao has worked out a deal with his competitor and will get the money he needs for his mother.moreless
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