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  • Great memories of FoxBox

    Yes, This show was aired on The FoxBox back in 1994. I remember it was fun. It was by the creators of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • A show so bad that it's good

    My review of the VR Troopers which portrayed alot of 90's cliches. 0
  • VR troopers one of best out there

    It been a while but I silly like VR troopers becaus was the best i love as kid and love as grown up so yes i would like to see new episodes of VR troopers
  • This show was cool back in the day. But you could tell that the action sequences didn't go wel together.Every time the same airbatlles and finishing moves.


    I liked the story of Ryan who lost his father and then he and his friends see him in the vr world then they get their suits and Battle grimlords forces. The overall look of the show was darker then mmpr. The suits were cooler. But it was a litlle bit too much like mmpr. I enjoyed the characters on the show like Ryan JB and pretty girlKaitlin. She looked hot and fit! But on the other hand the actionsequencingwere getting old quickly they should just made themtheir selvesand not use theJapaneseones. Itdefinitelycheapened the feel of the show.

  • "We are, we are...VR, Troopers three GO! Virtual Reality.."

    I absolutely loved this show when I was younger, it was shown in the mornings on GMTV in the UK and was a very much under-rated kids show. Timing wise it closely followed the buzz created by the infamous Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and provided Saban with yet another merchandising line. The program was very similar in format to Power Rangers in that the good guys were a group of teenagers (3 to Power Rangers 5) and would be faced each episode with a perilous enemy that kicked their asses until they transformed into their Virtual Reality counterparts.

    They did this by screaming "Trooper Transform" and then after a video montage the VR Troopers would appear to save the day.
  • It was okay.

    I had a hard time getting into this show. I started on Power Rangers and this show felt like a cheaper version. As a kid, I watched it when I got the chance. The thing is, it never was around long enough to make any impact. I think it only lasted for 2 or 3 seasons. My favorite parts of the show had to be where there was a talking dog that acted stupid. Another part was when the troopers changed into their super costumes. Overall, I must say that this was an okay show that was decent enough to be entertaining. Thank you.
  • VR Troopers, by the same creator of Power Rangers, SABAN brings forth the story of three young adults who enforce the powers of 'virtual reality' in order to protect their city and the world from the evil Grimlord - the master of the virtual world!

    Not many people did enjoy this show as to my knowledge. There were many people i knew who did not like it and tried refering it to other great kids action shows with no success. I think it was very unappreciated in its time. But then again, a lot of people don't appreciate good work and storytelling when they see it. A pity really since, once you get in to it, you can really enjoy this series. VR troopers was a great idea but did evolve to its full potential and i feel that not a lot of special effort was put in to it by its creators to make it as big and brilliant as i think it should have been. If you get the chance to watch all of the series, you won't miss out since there are some great stories withing its 'Trooper Core'
  • SOme things could have been improved

    they could have had a finale of the troopers discovering grimlord\\\'s identity, Grimlord having a last ditch effort of conquering reality, a final battle between grimlord and his destruction, what happens to ziktor, the troopers retiring from troopers and ryan and kaitlin\\\'s feelings for eath other revealed. but no they ended the series with an episode resembled

    what has ruined it with the show with me, I am super ultra mega big time miffed that the troopers never discover that ziktor is grimlord (that would be like joker discovering bruce is batman or shredder discovering where the turtles lair is) and that would have gone down as the best moment in history of the show. I bet the troopers would not be all that shocked as they have had to fight Ziktor\\\'s ruthless projects like tearing something down for like a power plant or whatever and he had total control over the mayor. I wonder how cross wolrd city have felt.

    they never gave into detail on the indigo sector.

    I am mad at the Toys, they never made grimlord, Icebot, a lot of the season 2 villians, a playset of hte lab, I could not find the battle grid figures, Ivar or Jeb, series 2 was very very very hard to find.

    WHY WAs grimlord always in his throne in the first season, I remember seeing him out of that in one episode

    two things they tricked us. in defending dark hart, they said the only way to break the link to dark heart was to terminate grimlord, which never happened. in grimlord\\\'s dark secret there was a chance they had of discovering grimlord is ziktor, but that never happened and I am miffed, I am happy saban went out as they cheated us out of them discovering ziktor is grimlord
  • The folks who gave us \"Power Rangers\" try their hands at adapting Metal Hero, and all things considered It\'s actually some of their best work.

    When Power Rangers became the biggest thing since sliced bread, and everyone, and their uncle Ned was try to duplicate it\'s success Saban decided that their next big tokusatsu adaptation would be an American version of the Japanese Robot Super Hero show Metalder, and Spielban that also cashed in on the Virtual Reality craze that was big in the Early 90\'s.

    The show involves a young man named Ryan Steele who\'s father mysteriously vanished years before the events of the show. The premise is that Ryan\'s father was able to use Virtual Reality to create power suits and weapons that he wanted Ryan, and his Friends to use to fight against an evil alien overlord from Virtual Reality named Grimlord, and his virtual army of mutant robots. one of the shows big twist was that Grimlord had a human form who was sleazy local industrialist name Karl Ziktor.

    The show had it\'s good and bad points. The good were the shows plot which seemed to have more drama and continuity than PR did at the time. The costumes, vehicles, and monsters looked better than PR\'s and seemed more realistic at the time. The problem came from the fact that because they decided to take two unrelated mid to late 80s Japanese super hero shows that the only way to see certain characters in the same scene was either through editing or American footage.

    In the end what ended up being Power Rangers greatest strentgh ended up being VRT\'s biggest weakness in that where Power Rangers continues thanks to a seemingly endless supply of easily adaptable Sentai footage Metal Hero didn\'t offer much in terms of footage that could be adapted and alas VRT a fond or unfond depending on one\'s opinion memory
  • I loved this show growing up!

    VR Troopers is about three people who get VR Trooper power, and try to stop the evil Grimlord from taking over the world. This show is a sister series to Power Rangers, but I think it is still an excellant show. It is atually like Power Rangers in many ways, except for Power Rangers had five or six good guys. I liked Ryan the most because he was the leader and he had the coolest suit. Overall, this is an excellant show, and I wish it had gone longer than two seasons. I give VR Troopers a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Great childhood favorite

    Everyone thought that VR Troppers was a power rangers rip-off, well its not, VR troopers is a little like power rangers but since they are made by the same company so they it really cant be called a rip-off second, they are completely different shows. VR Troopers was a great show when I was growing up, I liked Jeb the dog, and Kaitlin, I always thought she was hot, I like the other 2, Ryan Steele and J.B. Reese, but Kaitlin was my favorite, The villian was one of most gursome and ugly villians I ever saw. I wish they would bring the show back.
  • Ok, one cheesy super-power fighting show is all we need. When a company like Saban copies its own production that isn't all that good to begin with, you end up with VR Troopers. The final result: a terrible, knock-off of a less than satisfactory show.

    Ok, one cheesy super-power fighting show is all we need...When a company like Saban copies its own production that isn't all that good to begin with you end up with VR Troopers. The final result: a terrible, unoriginal, knock-off of a less than satisfactory show. Everything about this show is just plain bad. Like its predecessor "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers", this show is filled with bad dialogue, bad acting, cheesy special effects, terrible scenery, costumes that are so plastic they display an all new level of fake, redundant storylines, etc. etc.. Let me just put it this way and save both you the reader and me the writer some time. This show is absolutely terrible!

    My final review: Don't even bother watching this show. If you really want to watch a show of this style, opt for the Power Rangers instead. If you still watch this show, don't say I didn't warn you when you feel you just wasted a half-hour of your life.
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