Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1995 on FOX
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Oliver Sampson becomes Sydney's new contact for the Committee, and he pushes her into trying to trace who hired Boothe. Sydney discovers that Dr. Morgan's corpse has been cryogenically preserved.

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    Dan O'Herlihy

    Dan O'Herlihy

    Dr. Alloysius Hunnicut

    Guest Star

    George DelHoyo

    George DelHoyo

    Jackson Boothe

    Guest Star

    Jim Holmes

    Jim Holmes


    Guest Star

    Louise Fletcher

    Louise Fletcher

    Nora Bloom

    Recurring Role

    David McCallum

    David McCallum

    Dr. Joseph Bloom

    Recurring Role

    Kimberly Cullum

    Kimberly Cullum

    Young Samantha Bloom

    Recurring Role

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      • Boothe: I know. I know the answer. I remember now. You were the one who saved me. Sydney! I'll tell you everything. The Committee... (Oliver shoots him)
        Sydney: No! Why did you kill him? Why did you kill him?
        Oliver: He was about to kill you.
        Sydney: He was going to tell me everything.
        Oliver: Oh. Excuse me.

      • Boothe: What made you think you could get away? How did you know I'd be here?
        Sydney: Why don't you just kill me?
        Boothe: I have no orders to kill you now. They want you to live now.
        Sydney: Who's they? I need names.
        Boothe: Oh, if I dealt with names... Never names.
        Sydney: Why?
        Boothe: Oh, I don't ask why. Just who and where... and always how much.
        Sydney: What about Morgan? Where's Morgan?
        Boothe: Morgan?
        Sydney: Yes.
        Boothe: Morgan's on ice.
        Sydney: What do you mean?
        Boothe: Sometimes they ask me to do it in a certain way. Not to damage the body too much... and never the brain. So they can be preserved.

      • Sydney: Aahh!
        Boothe: I do know you...
        Sydney: No.
        Boothe: ...don't I?
        Sydney: No!
        Boothe: Who are you really?

      • Sydney: Boothe said he's on ice. Ice rink and then I don't know what.
        Duncan: Like Walt Disney. Y'know, Walt Disney? Cryonics. Y'know, when they... freeze you after you die.
        Sydney: You're good when you first wake up, Dunc.

      • Oliver: Really, I just love cemeteries. Do you know how difficult it is to get a grave dug up? The bureaucracy involved? It's not free either you know. But you didn't have to come. I could have called you, I could have met you at the forensics lab.
        Sydney: Right. I had to be here.

      • Sydney: Tell me something.
        Boothe: Trust no one. Not even me. Sydney! The coffin is empty.
        Sydney: What? What coffin?
        Boothe: Dr. Morgan's not where you think he is.

      • Sydney: Who is my enemy? Give me a name.
        Boothe: If I dealt with names, I'd have been dead a long time ago.

      • Boothe: You're afraid of me, aren't you?
        Sydney: Desperately. I need your help.
        Boothe: I've already helped you.
        Sydney: How?
        Boothe: The night I killed Morgan I was supposed to kill you too.
        Sydney: Why didn't you?
        Boothe: I must have remembered this. (He kisses her)

      • Sydney: Can't you people even pretend you respect someone's privacy?

      • Hunnicutt: That diagram you just showed me was the molecular structure of the experiment he was working on when he died.
        Sydney: His test case.
        Hunnicutt: Yes. Purely... theoretical, of course.
        Sydney: Of course.

      • Sydney: My father believed in computers.
        Hunnicutt: He believed in the most powerful of all computers. The mysteries of the human brain. He found it amusing that mankind has put all its resources into artificial intelligence. But it can't hold a candle to what your brain just accomplished at these controls. Simulating the human brain is where the real discovery lay. Organic computers. Made of organic metal, and based on the combining and recombining of deoxyribonucleic acid.

      • Hunnicutt: You're good.
        Sydney: Thanks.
        Hunnicutt: Because you had the proper tool: your brain. Nothing about my system is computerized. Mechanized, yes. Is there a difference? Your father and I debated it constantly. Example, you used the buttons and levers to facilitate the instructions your brain wanted carried out. When I switched it back to auto-pilot, the system became computerized. Programmed to react in a certain way under certain conditions. You see the difference? One way is full of life, the other... eh, hollow.

      • Sydney: What did Dr. Morgan tell you?
        Hunnicutt: You look a lot like him, you know.
        Sydney: Like Dr. Morgan?
        Hunnicutt: No, your father.

      • Sid: I notice yours is with a Y, mine's an I. I'm named after the actor Sidney Greensteet because my mother loved the movie Casablanca but she hated the name Humphrey. And her sister already had a boy named Richard, but we didn't call him Rick, we called him Dick... So I really don't know why I had to be Sidney, but I kind of like it. How about you?
        Syd: What?
        Sid: Your name. Do you like being Sydney?
        Syd: I don't know. Beats Eunice, I guess.
        Sid: You are not going to believe this. My aunt's name is Eunice! You know, little Dicky's mom! We must have some sort of ESP or something, we should go to a movie.

      • Duncan: But I'm a little vague on the whole risk thing. I mean, what happens if you get stuck in there y'know... you end up in some sort of indefinite limbo land... or say you send yourself into somebody else's computer. I mean, one minute they're playing Myst, then pop! Syd's mug all over the small screen... I mean, next thing you know it's Will Rogers lost in cyberspace... I'm rambling. Syd?

      • Sydney: Duncan! What are you doing? Take these off. This is not a toy, OK?
        Duncan: Well, it could be with the right licensing, Syd. I mean you could be on the box every kid wants for Christmas.

      • Oliver: Listen, you imagine a series of concentric circles, one inside of the other. Now, our friend Morgan was part of the outermost circle...
        Sydney: Don't you even mention his name! You don't know him.
        Oliver: Move several circles in and you find me. Now I'm closer to the core but I'm not at the innermost circle, where the power is. Do you understand?
        Sydney: Sure. You're talking in circles.

      • Sydney: Well, I feel much safer now. What a joke! There's no Committee, is there?
        Oliver: I can't answer that.
        Sydney: That's probably the first honest thing you said all day.

      • Duncan: So the question is, if Buddha was really Siddhartha the Prince, was he in fact divine?
        Samantha: Of course he was divine, he was a god.
        Sydney: He was just a man.
        Duncan: Sam says he's a god. Syd says he's a man. Hey, Mrs. B, what do you think? Was Buddha a god or a man?
        Nora: Can't you kids just play like everyone else's kids?
        Sydney: We're playing brain games like Dad taught us.

      • Duncan: Morning Mrs. B. How you doin? Oh, you don't want to waste any more brain cells watching that stuff. So, they treating you real nice? Getting you plenty of that chocolate pudding you like so much? How's that? You know, it's OK, but it's not quite as good as the stuff you used to make for me. Remember that, the chocolate pudding with the walnuts? Loved your eats, Mrs. B. Oh, don't bother straining yourself. You save your strength because Syd... she wants to do the VR thing.

      • Sydney: A double helix! This is DNA.
        Duncan: DNA, huh? The old genetic map. How we are and who we are. It's kind of like snowflakes right? No two alike?

      • Oliver: I understand your hostility.
        Sydney: What? You gonna kill me too?
        Oliver: On the contrary, I'm here for your protection.
        Sydney: I don't need protection.
        Oliver: Sydney, you were an eyewitness to a murder. What, you think he's not gonna come back after you?
        Sydney: I hope he does.

      • Sydney: Liar. The Committee killed him.
        Oliver: You saw a man named Jackson Boothe kill him. In the past we have had occasion to employ him but this time, we had nothing to do with it.

      • Sydney: You're with the Committee aren't you?
        Oliver: Oliver Sampson. I am sorry about Morgan.
        Sydney: Sorry you killed him?
        Oliver: No, I rather liked him, actually.

      • Oliver: You know, at first I thought we'd broken all your little toys here. We do have a tendency to get in there and meddle. Sometimes a little out of control, I'll admit. But then I realized on reflection that this was the work of an emotional amateur rather than a professional. Quite a feat though, replacing it all on such short notice. I think I did rather well, don't you?

      • Sydney: No joking around. You could be in real trouble.
        Duncan: I'm not joking. I know. I've watched you. I've seen what it can do to you and what it can do for you. For that matter, I've watched you all your life. I'm still here, Syd. I'm still here.

      • Duncan: Then I'll protect you.
        Sydney: You may be in danger, Dunc.
        Duncan: Me? No, I'm all right. Danger bounces right off me.

      • Sydney: Morgan understood me. He warned me to stop. He told me to stop! But I didn\\\'t and that\\\'s why they killed him. Don\\\'t you see?
        Duncan: They? You mean the Committee they?
        Sydney: Yes.
        Duncan: Well then, the question is, are you safe?

      • Sydney: I met this man that I was afraid I was gonna detest but... he was the only one I could talk to. He's dead because of me!
        Duncan: You know something? As much as you baffle me, and confound me, which you do and always have, since we were little kids... You can't make that one fly. I won't buy it, not now.

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