Season 1 Episode 4

Love and Death

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1995 on FOX
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Love and Death
Sydney is assigned to to subconsciously prod Jackson Boothe, a troubled employee of the Committee, into returning to work. In doing so, Sydney discovers that Booth is an assassin, and he murders Sydney's Committee contact, Dr. Frank Morgan.

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    George DelHoyo

    George DelHoyo

    Jackson Boothe

    Guest Star

    Carl Strano

    Carl Strano

    Mr. Spire

    Guest Star

    Louis Turenne

    Louis Turenne

    Larry Oldman

    Guest Star

    Louise Fletcher

    Louise Fletcher

    Nora Bloom

    Recurring Role

    David McCallum

    David McCallum

    Dr. Joseph Bloom

    Recurring Role

    Kimberly Cullum

    Kimberly Cullum

    Young Samantha Bloom

    Recurring Role

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      • Dr. Morgan: Listen, I swear to you, I did not know who Boothe was when I first sent you in. Why do you think I was so worried, when you went in there again?
        Sydney: I don't know! To protect your secrets?! Those people are liars! I'm not working with liars anymore!

      • Boothe: Death is an art... it's all about getting close, getting them to trust you...
        Sydney: Why are you doing this?
        Boothe: Because... it's my job. I am death, and these are my victims. They've made me a very wealthy man and so I only thought it was right that I should entertain them...

      • Sydney: Why would you want to die?
        Boothe: The past has finally got up with the present. That means there's no future. You'll understand...

      • Boothe: I suppose I should say 'thank you'.
        Sydney: For what?
        Boothe: Finding out all about you has kept me alive for another 24 hours...

      • Sydney: Yeah, everything's connected...
        Duncan: That's the balance of the universe...

      • Duncan: But you know maybe, it's kinda you have this past... and you know you're gonna have the future. You just don't have a present.

      • Sydney: But this Committee... they help people and I am helping them.
        Duncan: And that's your secret? Cool! So what are these guys like? Rosicrucians wanna-bes? Knights Templar? Y'know that?
        Sydney: What is that?
        Duncan: Secret societies. I mean, they've been around forever. They're always sort of creating history behind the scenes. It's very spooky stuff, Syd!
        Sydney: Yeah, I don't really know who they are, but you know, they understand what I can do... It's scary, Dunc!

      • Sydney: I work with this group of people called 'the Committee'.
        Duncan: What happened to the TelCal gig?
        Sydney: Umm, I'm... I am... moonlighting.

      • Duncan: What are you hiding, Syd? This is just not the usual you!
        Sydney: Dunc...
        Duncan: Tracking down strange guys in seedy hotels, weird people in and out of your place in the middle of the night. Why all the secrets, Syd? Secrets are lies!
        Sydney: I'm trying to protect you...
        Duncan: Fine, don't tell me. It's not like I'm your best friend or anything... So why share?

      • Nora Bloom: My love, my babies, they took you all away...
        Sydney: I was still there...
        Nora Bloom: Do you think I knew that? Do you think they told me that? They didn't tell me that, they didn't tell me, they didn't tell me...

      • Morgan: It's my fault... I've tried to find a way to get you out but... Man, oh man...
        Sydney: They're not gonna let me go, are they?
        Morgan: They only way you're gonna get out... is to take a sledgehammer and smash all your toys in here. That's the only way you're gonna get out. You give it up and you'll be free...
        Sydney: I'm free when I'm in there...

      • Sydney: Are you saying... five guys died in VR?
        Dr. Morgan: Six - that I know of.
        Sydney: Why am I still alive?
        Dr. Morgan: That's the big question, isn't it?

      • Dr. Morgan: Hey look, you got anything that's stronger than a tomato juice in here?

      • The Man: Y'know, he sounds familiar but I ain't sure...
        Duncan: Oh, you ain't sure. He ain't sure! Well, let me ask you maybe 20 bucks would jar your your memory a little bit?
        The Man: Maybe...
        Duncan: You got a 20, Syd?
        Sydney: Uh, I can give you 14...
        The Man: I'll take it! He ain't here. He said he'd be gone for a day or two but he's paid until the end of the week.

      • Duncan: Err, excuse me sir, are you the concierge?
        The Man: Hey, watch your mouth!

      • Duncan: Did you know that Van Gough painted some of his most famous works while living in a complete squalor?

      • Dr. Morgan: Look, you listen to me... this is between you and me. This is... no case, this is no Committee. I think you should not going in for a while. I think it's messin' with your own hardware... Do you know what I mean?
        Sydney: I think it's helping me remember...
        Dr. Morgan: I think it's playing with your brain... I think you should take a rest and I would make that an order, but I know that you wouldn't follow it...

      • Boothe: (to Sydney) Life is finally just about loving and dying. Which would you rather do with me?

      • Sydney: I guess you didn't even need me to come back at all.
        Boothe: I think you're the most intriguing person in this room... you keep coming to save me when there's nothing left to save...
        Sydney: Why would a man...
        Boothe: Why would a man like me, who has so much... wants to "cash in my chips" as many would say? That's the real question isn't it?

      • Sydney: Who are they?
        Boothe: You can call them my extended family. We've all become very close through my business.
        Sydney: What do you do?
        Boothe: I solve people's problems. An independent contractor of sorts...

      • Morgan: Look, Bloom... just don't let it get to you. Just do what they ask.
        Sydney: So I can end up just like you, right?

      • Morgan: Well, maybe you ought to rethink your position...
        Sydney: Oh, it's that what you've done? Just turn off your conscience so you can get through those assignments easier?

      • Sydney: Oh, do you follow all their rules?
        Morgan: Do you break them all?
        Sydney: If they're wrong, yes!

      • Sydney: Tell me where he is!
        Morgan: He's being watched and taken care of!
        Sydney: Well, that's not good enough!
        Morgan: Oh well, you know as much as I know. It's compartmentalised information. That means, it's on a need to know basis. I don't have all of the answers.

      • Dr. Morgan: I was just explaining to my class how powerful a home computer can be when in the proper hands. Would you care to... hmm... comment, Miss Bloom?

      • Boothe: Why are you here?
        Sydney: I don't remember...
        Boothe: To help me!
        Sydney: Yes...
        Boothe: That's what you said before...
        Sydney: To help you get back to work, and to st... st... st... to stop you from, from...
        Boothe: Killing myself? Why?
        Sydney: Because it's wrong, because it hurts people.
        Boothe: Is that what you think?
        Sydney: No, it's what I know...

      • Sydney: Ah, hmm... Where did you find all of these wonderful things?
        Boothe: My business takes me all over the world.
        Sydney: I would love to travel...
        Boothe: Well, you should always do what your heart desires, Sydney...

      • Boothe: Curious about my plans?
        Sydney: Worried.
        Boothe: Worried? Nobody worries about someone like me!
        Sydney: That's not true.
        Boothe: You're right Sydney, there are plenty of people... who should be worried about what my next... move would be.

      • Sydney: How did you get in here?
        Dr. Morgan: The same way anyone could do it: the door was unlocked.
        Sydney: No, it wasn't.
        Dr. Morgan: Oh, suit yourself...

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