Season 1 Episode 12

Parallel Lives

Aired Unknown Unknown on FOX

Episode Recap

Duncan awakens on the roof surrounded with paintings, with his hair messed up and wearing black sun-glasses. He is confused, so he run downstairs looking for Sydney.

Instead of her, he finds Samantha alive. Samantha is angry with him and asks him to remind her why did she ever fell in love with him.

Apparently Samantha works at Tel Cal, and Duncan is famous painter. He is still trying to get all the facts when Sam tells him that they are over and that she wants his stuff out of the place by the time she comes home.

Duncan goes to Dr. Frank Morgan (who is in reality dead) for help. Duncan asks Dr. Morgan about VR and Morgan tells him exactly the same thing he told Sydney when she first came to him. Behind the curtain, Dr. Morgan isn't the same person. He looks different, but that don't stop Duncan to explain him his crazy theory in witch Duncan is actually in some sort of parallel universe, and he got there through VR.

They try to get Duncan to reality using VR5 but they fail. When Duncan asks Dr. Morgan about The Committee, Morgan says they are good, very humble people. After finding out that Dr. Morgan is married for 9 years in this universe, Duncan sends him home and gives him one of his expensive paintings.

After Dr. Morgan is left, Duncan meets Mr. Kravitz who tells him that he will meet Sam in the club tonight, and how he is sorry because such a classy man is leaving their building.

In the meantime Samantha is dancing in the club. Duncan is looking for her, but after she sees him she starts to kiss some man, and short after Samantha's friend tells Duncan to live Sam alone because he caused her enough pain already. Duncan is following them, and he stops Samantha right when she wanted to use drugs.

They run to her place together and there they go into VR5 to try to find out what happened to Sydney. Samantha is confused with what happened in VR so she runs away leaving Duncan to talk to himself and pray that when he opens his eyes next time everything will be back in normal.

Samantha is back after a day, and she wants to know more about VR. They start arguing, and Samantha tells Duncan to come to party with her to see if she cares.

Duncan finds one of his paintings in the house where party is held. He is disgusted. While he is looking paintings Samantha offer partnership to Marco, music investor. Duncan interrupts them and Marco refuses Samantha's offer cause she can have anything she wants as Duncan's girlfriend. Very angry, Samantha goes home and takes Marco into VR.

Oliver comes to her place and talks to her about her job as an agent for Committee. When Duncan rushes in telling Oliver all he knows, Oliver hits him and attack Samantha for telling him. Duncan then says that he taught that Samantha is cheating on him and he do some searching, so that's from where he knows who Oliver is.

When Oliver is gone, Samantha asks Duncan to cover her while he finishes her "job". Samantha is the office taking a briefcase, but somebody shoots her when she came out. Duncan shoots Sam's killer and when he turns he realises that Samantha's body is gone. Samantha's mystery shooter is Marco, her business partner, but bullets were blanks.

Samantha changes her clothes and runs away. Oliver is looking for her but she is hiding in hotel room. Duncan realises that Sam played them all, but he also remembers the hotel key she held in VR.

Duncan goes to hotel and there he confronts Samantha. They make love and decide to run away together. In front of the hotel they are caught by Oliver. After taking the briefcase he kills them.

Duncan awakens in basement of Sam's and Syd's old house where Dr. Bloom is waiting for him. Dr. Bloom tells Duncan that he and Samantha are alive and that he needed to know if they can trust him.