Season 1 Episode 12

Parallel Lives

Aired Unknown Unknown on FOX

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  • Actually it's not boring, but very loving episode.

    I'm a huge fan of Duncan & Samantha relationship, so I loved this episode. Basicly, Duncan is awaken in a totally new world, world where Sydney died in the bus crash, and Sam survived. So, his life is much different, he is a famous painter, and Sam is (secretly) Committee's agent - just like Syd was. The only difference is that Sam is a real "james bond" agent, unlike Syd, who only worked in VR.5.
    Sam and Dunc go through a lot together, until they realise they love eachother. Unfortunatly they are killed, and Dunc is back in the real world, but this time knowing for sure that Sam is alive.
    Sydney is only appearing in one scene, VR.5 moment in Duncan's mind. Oliver is a real sinister, and Dr. Morgan is very much alive and happily married for 9 years.