Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Mar 10, 1995 on FOX

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  • Good as I remembered

    With all my shows on Hiatus for the holidays, I went in search of new downloads to fill my Emule. I remembered VR5 and found all 13 episodes. Let the memories begin. I remembered loving the premise of this show and tonight when viewing the pilot I was reminded why. The premise of this show was new and original, probably before its time. What a cast as well. There was "Jayne" from Firefly playing Sydney's serial killer TelCal co-worker. There's The Doctor from Voyager, Adam Bladwin when he was but a baby with long hair and ponytail. Louise Fletcher (Kai Wynn from DS9) and Will Patton is always a joy to watch. Remembering nothing except the fact that I liked this show, the pilot was engaging and I was drawn into the storyline. This show had so much potential and probably misunderstood in 1995,not to mention being presented to a public not near as embedded in I.T. as they are now. I am already taken again with "The Committee" and mystery surrounding the plotlines. Thank the TV Gods for Emule and Torrents to bring these shows back to us. This one's going to be fun to see again.

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