Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Mar 10, 1995 on FOX



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    • Morgan: I wish you'd left it alone, but you didn't. And now the people that I work for want me to use you.
      Sydney: What if I said no?
      Morgan: You can't. It's too late. We're working together now. You need me, I need you. Welcome to the game, Sydney Bloom.

    • Sydney: Who are you?
      Morgan: You know there are people out there who'd kill to get their hands on what you can do?
      Sydney: How do you know that?
      Morgan: Because they almost did it to me, and I didn't get nearly as far as you did.
      Sydney: Who do you work for?
      Morgan: Let's just call 'em the Committee.

    • Sydney: What if I'm wrong? What if he's just a great guy?
      Duncan: Then you go have 2.6 children and live in Scarsdale.

    • Duncan: You know I've been meaning to say this to you for some time, and I always forget...
      Sydney: What?
      Duncan: I think you've lost your mind.

    • Morgan: Hey, look. Whatever it is that you're doing, just stop.
      Sydney: But I can't.
      Morgan: Yeah, you can. Get a hobby. Write a novel. Watch TV. You'll be much better off in the long run. I'm sorry, I can't help you.

    • Sydney: Dr. Morgan?
      Dr. Morgan: (from behind curtain) Who are you?
      Sydney: I'm Sydney Bloom.
      Dr. Morgan: What do with me, Sydney Bloom?
      Sydney: I want to know how virtual reality works.
      Dr. Morgan: Are we communicating right now?
      Sydney: I guess.
      Dr. Morgan: But you can't see me, and I can't see you. Is that right?
      Sydney: Yeah.
      Dr. Morgan: We're both having an experience which requires each of our minds to fill in the blanks. Isn't that right?
      Sydney: Yeah.
      Dr. Morgan: Well, that's it. You just had a virtual experience. Now go on back to your sorority house.

    • Duncan: Come on in. The shower's warm.
      Sydney: I always wondered what was on the other side of that door.
      Duncan: I've always wanted you to find out.

    • Duncan: You're going to do it again?
      Sydney: It was incredible.
      Duncan: So was peyote, but I didn't do it twice.
      Sydney: I'm fine now. I can control it. But if anything should happen...
      Duncan: I know, 'Eat the evidence.'

    • Duncan: You ever go on a walkabout, Syd? There's this song. It's like a map of Australia and every aboriginal is trusted with a certain part. That way, you can figure out wherever you are just by hearing another human's voice. Metaphysical navigation.

    • Samantha: Look what I found under the seat!
      Sydney: It's Theodore, I lost him in the third grade (making a grab for him)
      Samantha: It's mine, you stole him!
      Sydney: Did not! (Both girls start a tug-of-war)
      Samantha: You're such a liar!
      Sydney: You're a liar!
      Mr. Bloom: (annoyed and trying to see in the rain) Girls! Please...
      Samantha: Give him to me!
      Sydney: No!
      Samantha: Fine! (climbing over to the front seat) Only babies need stuffed animals anyway!
      Mr. Bloom: Samantha...
      Sydney: (about to cry, throws Sam the stuffed bearz) Fine! Take him! I hate you!
      Mr. Bloom: (turns around) Sydney, how many times...
      (car crashes)

    • Keeper: It's ours. We expect you to honor our deal.
      Mr. Bloom: We had no deal.
      Keeper: Your work is our work.
      Mr. Bloom: At the lab, not at home.
      Keeper: It's a lovely home. Nice kids.
      Mr. Bloom: Don't you threaten me! I want you out of here! I told you to stay away from my family!

    • Sydney: Who are you?
      Keeper: Well, hello there. You must be Samantha.
      Sydney: No, I'm Sydney.
      Keeper: He told me you were both pretty.
      Sydney: Who?
      Keeper: Your Dad. Is he home? I'm here to see him.
      Sydney: Sure, come in.

    • Nora: How much did all this cost?
      Dr. Bloom: I charged it to the Department. Research costs. (chuckling) It's good for the kids.

    • Sydney: What can you do with it?
      Dr. Bloom: Oh... spreadsheets... statistical analysis programs...(smiling) Games.
      Samantha: Is it better than Pong?

    • Samantha: What is it?
      Dr. Bloom: It's an Exigy S-100 bus. A computer for the home.
      Duncan: Cool!
      Dr. Bloom: 16K memory! I can get almost a whole book on this one little tape! One day, every house in the world is going to have one of these. Maybe even hooked up to one another. You see this, I can hook up this little computer up to the big one at the University just by using a telephone!

    • Duncan : "Did you know that if a meteor only 6 acres wide were to hit the earth at the correct velocity, we'd be plumetted into the equivalent of a 100 year neuclear winter. And life as we know it on this planet would be completely obliterated. Makes paying your taxes kinda futile doesn't it?"

    • Dr Morgan : "I warned you to stop".

      Sydney : "It's not just a theory, I can really do it"

      Dr Morgan : "And now you have come to me because something bad has happened, is that it?"

      Sydney : " I think there is somebody dangerous out there.

      Dr Morgan : "Just cause you have seen it in vr does not make it true.

      Sydney: " But it is what was in his mind, so there's gotta be some truth in it.

      Dr Morgan : "I've taken the checkered flag in Indianapolis in my mind, that doesn't mean that Mario Andretti should lose any sleep."

      Dr Morgan : "Destroy it, never use it again, and maybe you will be able to sleep at night. I sure can't."

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