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  • This Science fiction show featuring a woman techno-geek as the lead was ahead of its time, and thus was greatly underappreciated by just about everyone.

    VR.5 was a dark and twisted show that featured Lori Singer, perhaps my least favorite actress in the world (so you know it's the story that got me) as the isolated, orphaned, computer-geek everywoman who accidentally discovers she has access to a whole virtual world and the subconscious minds of other people via her computers. In so doing, she begins to find out more about her suppressed past and discovers the now obligatory conspiracy which she begins to crusade against. The cast included Michael Easton as her best friend Duncan, sort of her anchor/life-line back to reality, and a pre-'Buffy' Anthony Stewart Head as Oliver Sampson, a very smarmy, enigmatic character who changes greatly over the course of the season. Look for it on DVD and watch it.
  • VR.5 excitement on tv

    This series kept you on your toes ,it was filled with excitement ,you never knew what to expect. Loved it!
  • Wow what an show that was ahead of time..

    Ok I so loved this show that I named my daughter after the main charector. This show just rock, just as VR5 was ahead of it time and cutting edge so was the show. I am crushed that it never made it, and to leave us hanging was curel. Now in a time where we are almost all ditgal and VR5 would and probably is a reality I think this show would make an awsome come back if someone would take the chance and bring it back to TV. We had a great following back when it aired and I am sure it would be greater now. I loved ever bit of it, it was greatly written with twist and the cast and crew where top. Here is hoping and forever a fan!
  • One of the greatest shows I watched when I was little. Totally worth your time!

    This show was a total suprise to me as he brought the effects and story that no other show had in its time. Sydney use her home made computer to go into other persons subconscious and see what are they like from the inside. One reason for wathcing this show is amazing plot and story about women who lost her father and sister, and whose mother is vegetating after overdosing with pills. If you are a girl then second reason for waching VR5 is Duncan, Sydney's too cute and sexy, but little lost, childhood friend.
    Guess the idea of computer freak who read peoples mind wasn't too popular in its time so unfortunatly show was cancelled after only 12 episodes. And it was cancelled in the middle of the story. Ending is really left open.
    I'm kinda still hoping that someday someone is going to rivave this show and I'll find out what happened with Sydney Bloom and the rest of the Bloom family.
  • Intriguing concept, great cast - of course it got cancelled!

    This one was of my favourites as a teenager, and would have to go down as one of the most tragic cancellations on TV considering the great cliff-hanger they ended the first (and what ended up being the last) series on. What happened to Syd? Would she ever get it together with Oliver? What conditioner did Duncan use on his hair? None of these questions were answered.

    However improbable the concept, it was still a neat idea, and the ongoing mystery of Syd's family kept me hooked til the bitter end. It also marked my introduction to Anthony Stewart-Head, who of course then went on to make the role of Giles on "Buffy" his own.