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  • One of the greatest shows I watched when I was little. Totally worth your time!

    This show was a total suprise to me as he brought the effects and story that no other show had in its time. Sydney use her home made computer to go into other persons subconscious and see what are they like from the inside. One reason for wathcing this show is amazing plot and story about women who lost her father and sister, and whose mother is vegetating after overdosing with pills. If you are a girl then second reason for waching VR5 is Duncan, Sydney's too cute and sexy, but little lost, childhood friend.
    Guess the idea of computer freak who read peoples mind wasn't too popular in its time so unfortunatly show was cancelled after only 12 episodes. And it was cancelled in the middle of the story. Ending is really left open.
    I'm kinda still hoping that someday someone is going to rivave this show and I'll find out what happened with Sydney Bloom and the rest of the Bloom family.