Season 1 Episode 2

The Big Cheese vs. Atomic Banana

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 25, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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The Big Cheese vs. Atomic Banana
The Big Cheese faces Atomic Banana in a clash for the W.A.C.K. championship. Abominable Snowman teams up with Cowabunga against the Wholesome Twins.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (14)

      • The reporter that was dressed up like an asparagus in the press conference, was seen in the middle of the crowd.

      • Three posters in the crowd said something weird, here they are. "Wedgies!!!" "Get Milked?" "Show Man-ia"

      • During Cowabunga/Abominable Snowman vs. The Wholesome Twins, Cowabunga's pants fell off.

      • During the fight between The Wholesome Twins against Cowabunga and Abominable Snowman, one of The Wholesome Twins accidentally dropped her purse outside the ring.

      • Abominable Snowman
        Height: Tall
        Weight: Big
        Birthplace: Himalayan Mountains of Asia
        Signature Moves: Snow Plow, Avalanche, and Snow Angle
        Catch Phrase: "Now do you believe?!"
        Weakness: Heat
        Arch Rivals: The Big Cheese and The Wholesome Twins.
        More Information: This legendary wild man is by far the most intelligent of all the WACK wrestlers. As legend has it, Abominable skipped 12th grade and went straight to Yale where he graduated magna cum laude. Just don't ask him about his family. He dismisses rumored relatives Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster and The Jersey Devil as "totally fake".

      • Cowabunga
        Height: 5' 11"
        Weight: 2880 oz.
        Birthplace: Woodstock, New York
        Signature Moves: Hang 4, Milkshake, and Cow Tip
        Catch Phrases: "Get outta my barn!" "Duuuuuude" "Tip your waitresses, not your cows"
        Weakness: Spilled Milk
        Arch Rivals: The Wholesome Twins
        More Information: When this laid back surfer-dude isn't putting opponents out to pasture in the ring, he can be seen at local comedy clubs milking his stand-up act. Don't be fool by his beefy exterior, this bovine can wrestle. He's one of the best all-around grapplers in the leage.

      • The Wholesome Twins
        Height: 2 x 5' 10"
        Weight: Depends on what they are hiding in handbags.
        Birthplace: Beverly Hills, California
        Signature Moves: Handbag Bash and Double Doozie.
        Catch Phrases: Their only catch phrase, an evil giggle.
        Weaknesses: Hotties, knock-off designer bags, texting, daytime minutes
        Arch Rivals: Everyone
        More Information: Scary-Kate and Bashlee Wholesome are practically joined at the hip. This terrible twosome kick butt in the ring and they look good doing it. They backstab, cheat, lie, and break hearts while working their way to the top of the WACK ranks.

      • Trouble Nugget
        Height: 5' 4"
        Weight: 166 lbs.
        Birthplace: Ho-Ho Kus, New Jersey
        Signature Moves: Nugget Noogie and Practical Choker.
        Catch Phrases: "Aww, Nuggets!"
        Weakness: Having his own jokes used against him.
        Arch Rivals: Anyone close enough to prank.
        More Information: A favorite target of bullies as a youngster because of his smallish size, Trouble Nugget was grown up to become a king-size nuisance. In the hours spent hanging on wedgie nails at summer camp, Trouble plotted his path of revenge. He's WACK's resident practical joker constantly pulling pranks both inside and outside the ring. As a result, no one is safe from Whoopee Cushions, shaving cream, hand buzzers, and much more pranks.

      • Bling
        Height: Unknown
        Weight: Unknown
        Birthplace: Unknown
        Signature Moves: 24-Karat Krush, Diamond Choker, and The Ear-ring.
        Catch Phrases: "Bling it on!"
        Weakness: N/A.
        Arch Rival: Growing by the day.
        More Information: Her identity is a true mystery. No one knows who she is or where she came from. Bling sightings are rare, WACK's version of Bigfoot. She gets her power from a pair of diamond-studded gloves.

      • Atomic Banana
        Height: 6' 2"
        Weight: He weights a lot.
        Birthplace: Ecuador, South America
        Signature Moves: Banana Split and Slippery Peal.
        Catch Phrases: "This is my jungle!" "That's Ripe"
        Weaknesses: Giant apes and fruit flies.
        Arch Rival: The Big Cheese.
        More Information: Atomic has always been a star athlete. In high school, he set records in all the varsity sports. He was a hardcore jock. His one downfall? He bruises easily – his peel and his ego. Banana overcompensates by working out & training. He's become a health & fitness freak.

      • Before the match between The Big Cheese and Atomic Banana began, The Big Cheese's hat could been from the outside of the ring.

      • The Wholesome Twins fight while they are wearing their purses.

      • The Trouble Nugget was seen once in the middle of the crowd.

      • The Big Cheese
        Height: 6' 11"
        Weight: 190 lbs.
        Birthplace: Switzerland
        Signature Moves: The Wedge, Cheese Grater
        Catch Phrases: "You want cheese with that?" "Con queso!"
        Weakness: Mold
        Arch Rivals: Everyone
        More Information: The Big Cheese is the current WACK champion. Everyone's gunning for him. He's cocky, angry, and has "mold issues". Whatever you do DON'T CALL HIM YELLOW.

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    • NOTES (3)

      • The Big Cheese is played by two different persons. When he is at a wrestling match, he is played by an actual wrestler. When he is not in the ring, he is played by someone else. However, the same costume is used by both persons.

      • During the fights, the people inside the costumes were professional wrestlers. This is why when Atomic Banana and The Big Cheese fought, they were wearing masks.

      • The Trouble Nugget and Wholesome Twins costumes were used in the Danny Phantom Ultimate Enemy Face-Off live-action promotion.

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