Wacky Races

CBS (ended 1970)


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  • Season 1
    • Race To Racine: Dastardly plants Muttley among the Ant Hill Mob (where they think he's a mob member, Smiley O'Toole) in a failed sabotage plot.

      The Carlsbad Or Bust Bash: In the corridors of Carlsbad Cavern, Dastardly employs a caveman in a bid to stop the racers.
    • The Ski Resort Road Race: After causing an avalanche, Dastardly uses a ski jump for his own getaway, but the other cars follow him.

      Overseas Hi-Way Race: On a race from Key Largo to Key West, the racers must cross the famous series of bridges that connect the Florida Keys.moreless
    • Ballpoint, Penn., or Bust: Dick Dastardly causes flat tires with a box of tacks on a jaunt to Ballpoint, Pennsylvania.

      Fast Track to Hackensack: Outside the town of Law 'n Order, Dastardly changes the posted speed limit sign from 35 to 85 to create a Fast Track to Hackensack.
    • Speeding For Smogland: A race to Hollywood leads to a movie set which Dastardly plots to use to detain the others.

      Race Rally To Raleigh: Dastardly's oil slick causes the racers to careen onto a farm.
    • The Dopey Dakota Derby: A wanted poster inspires Dastardly to disguise himself as a bandit.

      Dash to Delaware: Dastardly plots to cover the roadway with icing and send Peter Perfect and Penelope Pitstop spinning into a cake making machine.
    • Eeny, Miny, Missouri Go!: At an aquarium park, Dastardly leads the racers into the belly of Tremendo, World's Largest Whale.

      Super Silly Swamp Sprint: As the racers run through Croc Creek Causeway, Dastardly tries to scare the racers away disguised as an alligator.
    • Whizzin' to Washington: The Ant Hill Mob disguises themselves as circus trapezists to escape from the police. Dick Dastardly disguises himself as a master of ceremonies.

      The Dipsy Doodle Desert Derby: Dick Dastardly finds a genie in a botle and tries to use his powers to win the race.
    • Wacky Race to Ripsaw: To prevent Penelope from coming in first place, Dastardly creates a roadside beauty parlor to lure her into stopping.

      Oils Well that Ends Well: The Wacky Racers are once again beset by Dick Dastardly's deviously dirty tricks as they travel to Grease Gun, Texas.
    • Rhode Island Road Race: Dick Dastardly desperatedly tries to win this race and almost does. He tries a construction site detour, Subway station, Hot sauce, and expanding his wheels.

      The Great Cold Rush Race: Dick Dastardly dresses up as a snow monster to scare everyone away.
    • Hot Race at Chillicothe: Heading to Chillicothe, OH, Dick Dastardly steals a Police car. The Anthill Mob disguises themselves as a little league baseball team and play Baseball against Dick Dastardly and Muttley.

      The Wrong Lumber Race: Dick Dastardly uses trees, logs, and saws to win the race.
    • The Zippy Mississippi Race: On their way to Zippy, MS, the racers run into an angry plantation owner, with a shotgun.

      Traffic Jambalaya: While headed towards Shinsplint, LO, Dick Dastardly convinces the racers there is a tame gorilla on the loose and a $50,000 reward for his safe return. But the racer find an untame bear instead of a gorilla.moreless
    • By Roller Coaster to Upsan Downs: Dick Dastardly leads the racers into an abandoned amusement park on their way to Upsan Downs.

      The Speedy Arkansas Traveler: On their way to Noah's Ark, AK, Dick Dastardly leads the racers into the War Games right in th middle of the race.
    • Scout Scatter: The Anthill Mob disguises themselves as Wood Scouts to evade the police.

      Free Wheeling to Wheeling: On their way to Wheeling, WV, Dick Dastardly uses construction cars (bulldozer, steamroller, a crane) to stop the racers.
    • The Baja-Ha-Ha Race: Dick Dastardly uses a mud hole to try and stop everyone. Real Gone Ape: Dick Dastardly hypnotizes a gorilla to stop the other racers. The other racers find away around him and again Dick Dastardly finishes last.
    • Mish Mash Missouri Dash: Dick Dastardly dresses up as a Southerner. Luke finds his cousin Elmer. Idaho a-Go-Go: The cars have a chain reaction car crash. Penelope Pitstop falls for Dick Dastardly's little red riding hood scheme.

    • Why Oh Why Wyoming:
      On their way to Handsprings, Wyoming, the racers come across Native Americans.
      Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock:
      On their way to Yellow Rock, the racers are stopped by a ranger to search for missing bears hiding in their trunks. Blubber Bear is mistaken for a runaway so Luke tries hiding him until he gets past the ranger. A bunch of bears take over the Ant Hill Mob and Dick Dastardly's cars.moreless
    • See-Saw to Arkansas:
      On their way to Mustard Spread Arkansas, all the racers get caught up. Penelope Pistop & Ant Hill Mob get lost. Dick Dastardly falls and sinks into mud. Everyone else gets caught up in traffic.
      Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist:
      On their way to Lemon Twist Nevada, the Wacky Racers run into a deserted town and wonder into a bar where they find ghosts.moreless