Wacky Races

Season 1 Episode 17

Race to Racine/The Carlsbad or Bust Bash

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 04, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If Dick Dastardly had already planned to "catch up" with the others at the "pit stop", why did he bother having Muttley paint the starting line so he'd start one car ahead of the others?

  • Quotes

    • (from The Carlsbad or Bust Bash)
      Dick Dastardly:(about being one car ahead of the others without the race having started) It's the racer's edge, you know.

    • (after Muttley spreads everyone with slow motion gas; Dick Dastardly takes the lead)
      Dick Dastardly: So long, slowpokes!! (laughs)

  • Notes

    • Series finale - the final rankings:

      1st 56 points #1 Bouldermobile
      2nd 51 points #10 Buzzwagon
      3rd 46 points #7 Bulletproof Bomb
      4th 45 points #2 Creepy Coupe
      5th 43 points #5 Compact Pussycat
      6th 40 points #4 Crimson Haybailer
      7th 38 points #3 Convert-A-Car
      8th 36 points #8 Arkansas Chugabug
      9th 34 points #9 Turbo Terrific
      10th 19 points #6 Army Surplus Special
      Last 0 points #00 Mean Machine

    • Race to Racine:

      1st #2 Creepy Coupe
      2nd #1 Bouldermobile
      3rd #3 Convert-A-Car

      The Carlsbad or Bust Bash:

      1st #5 Compact Pussycat
      2nd #4 Crimson Haybailer
      3rd #1 Bouldermobile

      DVD Disc Three ends here. Using the 5-4-3 point system, here are the Top Three for Races 25-34 (Episodes 13-17):

      1st 19 points #1 Bouldermobile
      2nd 18 points #7 Bulletproof Bomb
      3rd 14 points #4 Crimson Haybailer

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