Wacky Races

Season 1 Episode 9

Rhode Island Road Race/The Great Cold Rush Race

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 09, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rhode Island Road Race:

Dick Dastardly (D.D.) starts out ahead. Ant Hill Mob (A.H.M.) and Peter Perfect (P.P.) start to catch up so D.D. uses his "Road Hogger" to expand his wheels to the of the road. Then they come across a skinny bridge and A.H.M. and P.P. fall off.
Later in the race The Slag Brothers lose their back wheel so they have to replace it. One of the Slag Brothers go get a boulder and hit it with his bat to make it smaller. The only problem is he makes a square wheel.
Even further in the race, D.D. moves a subway entrance into the middle of the road for the Chuggabug (Lazy Luke & Blubber Bear) to go down where they nearly get hit by a subway train that then runs D.D. over.
Dastardly then finds a construction site and puts a detour sign pointing to it. Slag Brothers fall for it and go in. The Army Surplus Special follows them. Then everyone else follows. The "Detour" leads them to the top of the site and the Crimson Haybailer falls off and throws D.D. into the air. Luckily the rest of the racers make it down safe.
D.D. somehow gets ahead and is a few feet away from the finish line when Muttley rips the back of his car off causing him to stop a foot away from the finish line.

The Great Cold Rush Race:

The Wacky Racers are driving on thin ice. They are headed to Cold Cuts Quebec. First Dick Dastardly tries sticking dynamite in a hole in a bridge. His plan backfires because the cars all went past before the dynamite blew them up. D.D. went across and got blown up by it because he waited too long.
He then dressed up as The Abominable Snowman and scared everyone that saw him away except Penelope Pistop who hit him. D.D. was stuck on the front of Penelope's car. She then slammed on her brakes causing D.D. to go flying. He rolled into a snowball down a hill until he came close to the Slag Brothers who hit him causing him to be ran over by everyone else.
Nearing the end of the race, D.D. blew a balloon that looked like the Mean Machine up. He then some how got into it. So did Muttley. Muttley patted him on the back and D.D. stopped blowing and as the baloon deflated, he inflated and floated above the finish line. As he deflated he blew back out of sight.