Wacky Races

Season 1 Episode 9

Rhode Island Road Race/The Great Cold Rush Race

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 09, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At some point in "Rhode Island Road Race", Dick Dastardly falls in Penelope's car. When it happened, he was at the left while Penelope and her steering wheel were at the right.

    • At some point in The Great Cold Rush Race, D.D. uses a baloon instead of his race car. What happened to the Mean Machine?

    • In "The Great Cold Rush Race", The Mean Machine turns upside down but Dick Dastardly's Face is rightside up.

    • In "The Great Cold Rush Race", Muttley Makes a hole in the bridge, then Dick Dastardly puts dynamite in the hole. The hole is bigger than the dynamite, but it doesn't fall through.

    • In "The Great Cold Rush Race" after sticking the dynamite in the hole on the bridge, Dick counts 13 people go past yet besides him, there are 10 other racers

    • The narrator calls The Slag Brothers, "The Gravel Brothers".

    • In "Rhode Island Road Race" After D.D. uses "The Road Hogger" on Peter Perfect and the A.H.M. you can see there is only one person in the Bulletproof Bomb. They then fall off a ledge and you see all of the Mob holding on to each other.

    • In "Rhode Island Road Race" D.D.s mouth disappears for a few seconds.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: Leading the pack is the Dracula of the dragstrip, Dick Dastardly!
      Dastardly: I resent that remark.
      Narrator: But do you deny it?
      Dastardly: No, I just resent it!

    • Slag Brother: Wheel gone. Get new one.
      Other Slag Brother: Okay (gets a boulder and hits in until its the right size) All set.
      Slag Brother: Okay, let's go.
      (Car breaks down again)
      Other Slag Brother: Dummy Head, you make square wheel.

    • (Chuggabug goes down into a subway)
      Lazy Luke: What in tarnation is that?
      (Subway train comes)
      Lazy Luke: It's a one-eyed monster! Let's get out of here!

    • Penelope Pitstop: Why I do declare, a cute little old adorable snowman.
      Dick Dastardly: (Dressed as a snow monster) You pronounce it abominable.

  • Notes

    • Rhode Island Road Race

      1st #2 Creepy Coupe
      2nd #1 Bouldermobile
      3rd #8 Arkansas Chugabug

      The Great Cold Rush Race

      1st #4 Crimson Haybailer
      2nd #8 Arkansas Chugabug
      3rd #7 Bulletproof Bomb

    • Unlike alot of episodes, Lazy Luke has multiple lines in this episode.

    • In "The Great Cold Rush Race",
      D.D. never finishes the race, he just float above the finish line and not in his car making The Buzz Wagon the last to cross the finish line.

    • The Buzz Wagon has very sharp wheels yet they didnt cut or fall through the ice in "The Great Cold Rush Race"

    • In "Rhode Island Road Race" you can see the inside of D.D.'s car. He has 4 buttons he can press, Low Down Trick, Dastardly Drive, Fool Injection, and Road Hogger which epands his front wheels.

    • The Slag Brothers and Muttley talk In "Rhode Island Road Race" however, Muttley just says ya,ya,ya,ya.

    • The Turbo Terrific did not fall apart in this episode

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