Wacky Races

Season 1 Episode 2

Why Oh Why Wyoming/Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 21, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

They all start off but Dick Dastardly takes a shortcut for a commanding lead. Meanwhile Professor Pat Pending transforms into a drill and passes everyone. Meanwhile, Dick Dastardly makes a rocket but it backfires and him and the Boulder Mobile get stuck in a pit. The Gruesome Twosome get a dragon to spit fire at Professor Pat Pending but he freezes their whole car into a giant ice cube. Dick Dastardly gets in trouble with an Indian and goes into last. Meanwhile everyone gets stuck in a giant fog cloud. But the Gruesome Twosome comes out on top.
Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock:
On their way to Yellow Rock, the racers are stopped by a ranger to search for missing bears hiding in their trunks. Blubber Bear is mistaken for a runaway so Luke tries hiding him until he gets past the ranger. A bunch of bears take over the Ant Hill Mob and Dick Dastardly's cars.