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Season 8 : Episode 27

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  • Season 8
    • Hiram Wintrhop Story, The
    • The Jud Steel story
    • The Baylor Crowfoot Story
    • Lita Foladaire Story, The
    • Steve Campden Story, The
    • The Amos Gibbons Story
    • Larry Hanify Story, The
    • Maidie Brandt Story, The
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      St. Nicholas Story, The
    • Duke Le May Story, The
    • The Charley Shutup Story
    • The Jarbo Pierce Story
      Charlie Wooster tells about his younger days in Pierce's Bend when he worked for Jarbo Pierce at a trading post.
    • The Silver Lady
      The Silver Lady
      Episode 25
      Hawks is fascinated by the story Coop is telling about the Earp brothers and a lady who dies in a stage coach wreck that was hauling a cargo of silver.
    • The Indian Girl Story

      An Indian girl is being taken back to her people to be killed, but the people of a small wagon train on the way to meet with the Hale train refuse to let her go back.


    • The Katy Piper Story

      Story of a doctor with four adopted daughters going west with the Chris Hale wagon train.


    • The Betsy Blee Smith Story

      Coop gets mixed up with a set of twins he knew in the past.


    • The Captain Sam Story

      Captain Sam (Cathy Lewis) is a riverboat captain. Her son returns from a voyage and signs up with Chris Hale to take Captain Sam west to a drier climate because of her health.  She isn’t aware of what is going on or that he plans to leave her in Arizona.

    • The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story

      Miss McIntosh is a prim and proper school teacher who can only travel with the Hale wagon train if she travels with a photographer, Daniel Delaney.

    • The Bonnie Brooke Story

      The train stops in a town for supplies and one of the ladies on the train, Bonnie, goes to the doctor to check on her pregnancy. The doctor tells her husband that if she doesn’t stay in bed and get special care, she could lose the baby. They don’t have money for that so he goes to the bank to get a loan. The banker has him fill out the loan papers and then refuses the loan. The safe is still open from a previous transaction so he hits the banker on the head and takes out the amount of money he asked for. The banker wakes up as he leaves the bank and the banker shoots him in the back and kills him. Bonnie collapses and loses the baby and her mind. A man befriends her and convinces her she needs to kill the banker.

    • Herman
      Episode 18

      Jamison Hershey and his aging Belgian horse, Herman, are heading to California from Chicago because Herman can no longer take the snow and ice. Hershey and Herman are traveling alone and has Indians coming up to them and pulling hairs from Hershey’s legs and riding away and they are puzzled why. Chris Hale agrees to take them on the train, but runs into problems when Herman can’t keep up with the train. Hershey is warned that they will have to be left at a nearby fort if they don’t keep up. A young couple, William and Martha, take pity on Hershey and Herman and William figures out a way to keep them on the train but not slow the train down.

    • The Isaiah Quickfox Story

      Coop and Charlie go into town for supplies only to find everyone gone and it looks like they left in a hurry. An Indian, Isaaih Quickfox shows up and tells them everyone moved to another town. Just before dark, several people ride into town. One of them is a woman trying to get help to search for her father, who she thinks is lost in a cave with bats in it.

    • The Wanda Snow Story

      Wanda is a clairvoyant and predicts Coop will have trouble on his scouting trip the next day and he does. A couple know of Wanda and spreads the word on the train that she is a witch. A traveling show is part of the train and the owner is killed. Wanda tries to save a boy from drowning, which she has seen in a vision, but the couple who knew her is convinced she tried to drown the boy instead of saving him. The assistant to the show man who was killed tries to “free” Wanda from the devil when in fact he tries to kill her.

    • The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story

      Chris, Charlie and Bill are in a town that seems deserted and they go into the saloon, where they have to wake the bartender. Suddenly a woman’s voice is heard and Chris swears he knows the voice. It turns out he does know the voice, Chottsie and her are from the same town. She tells Chris she wants to leave so he takes her to the train, where she wreaks havoc with all the men on the train, which upsets all the women.

    • The Echo Pass Story

      Charlie and Coop are taking a wagon of empty water barrels to a spring Coop know about to get water for the train before they cross the desert. Before they reach the water, a group of bandits come by and force Coop to take them to the water and over the mountain. Coop tells them there is water at the base of Echo Pass and he’ll take them if they will let Charlie go. As they move out, Coop hears a shot and thinks Charlie has been killed and swears to have vengeance.

    • The Story of Hector Heatherington

      Hector is an inventor but has no money to finance them. Hector has a wife and eight children whose names all start with “H”. Hector and Charlie start talking and find they have visions in common, but his wife, Harriet, refuses to let him make any of his ideas. So Barney starts seeing Hector’s oldest girl, Heather, in order to get plans between Hector and Charlie, so Charlie, Barney and Bill Hawks can build one of Hector’s designs.

    • Little Girl Lost
      Little Girl Lost
      Episode 12

      While crossing the desert, Hawks, Wooster, Hale, West and Smith all hear a little girl crying. Charlie goes looking for her and comes across a spot where it is freezing and there is a small amount of snow. Barney comes along and feels the same thing, but Charlie won’t tell anyone because he doesn’t want to be laughed at. Some men from another train come to see if the Hale train lost a little girl because they heard the same crying as our guys did. The little girl crying bothers Charlie so much, he makes it his mission to find her and give her comfort.

    • The Clay Shelby Story

      Bill Hawks comes down with a fever, the train is attacked by Indians and a small patrol of soldiers comes into the fray. The sergeant recognizes a young man on the train and accuses him of desertion. The train is trapped by the Indians with little hope of sending anyone for help. The commander of the soldiers makes a difficult decision.

    • The Richard Bloodgood Story

      Coop is in charge of the train while Hale and Hawks are away. Charlie and Barney pick up supplies and a wagon in the nearest town. When Coop goes to welcome the new wagon to the train and get the fee, he gets a shock; he and Richard Bloodgood are blood brothers, but are no longer friends. In fact, Richard plans to kill Coop.

    • The Nancy Styles Story

      Nancy Styles (Deborah Walley), the spoiled, headstrong daughter of the owner of the company that owns the wagon train of which Chris Hale (John McIntire) is wagon master, is determined to get to Denver to marry the man of her choice, against her father's wishes. She bribes the young couple into giving up their place in the fully-booked journey, and tries but fails to persuade Hale to divert from his route and get her to Denver. In desperation, she persuades young Jeremy (Michael Burns) to run away with her when the train nears the city -- but they're soon lost on the trail and, worse yet, have some larcenous would-be kidnappers in pursuit, hoping to get Nancy's father to part with a serious ransom.

    • Those Who Stay Behind

      The Chris Hale wagon train has a few spots for more wagons, so he has stopped in a town and starts signing on wagons. The couple next in line after the limit has been reached decide to spend the night near the train, hoping there will be a cancellation and they will be able to go after all. He has just gotten out of jail and wants to start over somewhere else.

    • The Alice Whitetree Story

      Coop finds an Indian girl, Alice Whitetree, running in the woods and brings her to the train after she falls and hits her head. When she wakes up she only feels safe with Coop. A sheriff comes into camp saying she killed an old couple. She talks Charlie into helping her escape so she can catch the real killer.

    • The Brian Conlin Story

      A group of Irish immigrants are stranded and Brian Conlin wanders into the train. However, when the people of the train try to help, the leader of the immigrants, Sean Bannon , refuses. Trouble between them escalates when Coop pays attention to one of the Irish women.

    • The Barbara Lindquist Story

      On his way to the nearest town for mail, Coop comes across men holding up a stage, which only has one passenger left alive, Barbara. She is on her way to Fort Gordon to meet her father and fiancé. Coop is shot and together they must travel back to the train on foot and without food or water.

    • The Race Town Story

      Sam Race (Dan Duryea) sets up a tent city with gambling and girls near a mining camp. Bill and Barney deliver two women from the train to work for Sam. Barney gets the idea that one of those girls changes her mind once she arrives at Race Town. He and Bill go into the town and end up getting into lots of trouble.

    • The John Gillman Story

      John Gillman is found wounded by Abigail, who is part of the orphan wagon on the Hale wagon train. He is brought to the train and Abigail won’t leave him alone even though he tells her repeatedly he wasn’t interested. He soon discovers that she will never be adopted and when the train holds an adoption day where people from the train choose an orphan who they might like to adopt, he adopts her for a day; her one dream is to have a last name.

    • The Hide Hunters
      The Hide Hunters
      Episode 2

      Coop and Barney go with four hide hunters who have temporarily joined the wagon train to find a herd of buffalo for fresh meat. A small Cheyenne hunting party is also tracking the herd. Coop tries to protect Barney when one of the hide hunters continues to try to bait Barney into a fight.

    • The Bob Stuart Story

      Bob Stuart and his bride join the Chris Hale wagon train. When Coop sees Bob, he recognizes someone for whom he has sworn vengeance. Two other men also show up on the train and plan to help Coop settle the score. Coop and these men used to ride as guns for hire.

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