Wagon Train - Season 7

NBC (ended 1965)




Episode Guide

  • Last Circle Up
    Last Circle Up
    Episode 32

    People saying good-bye to friends made on the trip on their last night on the trail before reaching their destination.


  • The Zebedee Titus Story

    An aging trailblazer, Zebedee Titus , brings his beaver skins to trading post for his yearly supplies. He finds the money he gets for his furs isn’t enough to get him through the next year. Barnaby West recognizes Zebedee’s name and is struck with a bad case of hero worship. When he overhears Zebedee’s problem, Barnaby asks Chris Hale to give him a job. Chris hires Zeb because he doesn’t want to tell him he isn’t the man he used to be. Zeb takes offense when he and Duke Shannon are on a scouting mission and Duke has a different opinion of the situation.

  • The Link Cheney Story

    Link Cheney is a famous riverboat gambler and as he moves west, he gets into a high stakes game. A man, after losing all his money, accuses Link of cheating and in the subsequent brawl, Link is knifed. Coop takes him to the train and during his recovery his nurse falls in love with him and tries to change him.

  • The Stark Bluff Story

    The train camps outside of Stark Bluff and Chris Hale sends Duke Shannon into the town for supplies.. The town is owned and controlled by Jeb Stark, a half-breed, and his full-blooded Indian mother. Duke looks up people who came west with the train the previous year and finds disturbing news. In trying to help, he runs afoul of Jeb Stark.

  • The Santiago Quesada Story

    Coop escorts a young lady from the train to San Sabo where her uncle lives. They arrive in town in the midst of Quanah Parker’s uprising. Santiago Quesada is a renegade who kills Indians for their scalps in retaliation for his family being killed by Indians many years before, but no one knows who he is.

  • The Whipping
    The Whipping
    Episode 27

    Barnaby West and a couple of his friends play several pranks on people while Chris Hale is away from the train. Bill Hawks has been left in charge and he thinks the pranks are getting out of hand, so Bill, thinking like a father, decides on Barney’s punishment, a whipping, which Barney says he is too old to receive. The events set in motion a series of events which cause a lot of confusion on the train.

  • The Ben Engel Story
    The Ben Engel Story
    Episode 26

    Ben Engel befriends a young thief, Harry Deal, and takes he and his wife, who is pregnant, under his wing. After the war they all head west. Coop had heard of Harry Deal from the war..


  • The Duncan McIvor Story

    Bill Hawks and Duke Shannon encounter Duncan McIvor when returning to the wagon train from a scouting trip. A couple of men with goods to sell show up at the train and begin to sell their wares to the people of the train, supposedly saving money from buying the same items at Fort Chaccon. Unfortunately, the goods have been stolen from the Army and McIvor turns out to be in the Army and en route to the Fort to report for duty.

  • The Trace McCloud Story

    As the wagon train passes by a town, there is an influx of people from that town, where there have been several murders within the past few weeks. Shortly after their arrival, the same type of murders start happening on the train and the conclusion is that someone from town is the killer.

  • The Pearlie Garnet Story

    Pearlie Garnet , a young, pretty girl comes west on the wagon train and is caught stealing. Instead of prosecuting her, she is exiled from the train.  She ends up in a saloon and causes trouble.


  • The Melanie Craig Story

    A recent widow, Melanie Craig , is courted by four young men, including Duke Shannon. She meets a widower with three unruly sons as she returns his youngest to him after catching him terrorizing a girl.


  • The Andrew Elliott Story

    Duke Shannon had scouted Andrew Elliott’s expedition to find a pass on the other side of the badlands in which Duke was the lone survivor. Six months later, Andrew’s father, Senator Elliott, insists Duke take his party over the same route because he believes his son is still alive or that Duke is responsible for his son’s death.

  • The Grover Allen Story

    An old clock-maker, Grover is fired by his tyrant boss after 40 years on the job. He is afraid the rest of the “old” crew are about to be fired also, so he takes revenge on the boss and then moves his family west for a new start.

  • The Kate Crawley Story

    Kate runs a freight line and is on her way to deliver gunpowder when she learns a wagon train led by her old friend, Chris Hale, will be passing within twenty-five miles of where her wagons are located. She decides to join the wagon train so she can spend time with Chris. Charlie Wooster is certain the two will marry and Chris will leave the train and he and the others will be out of a job!

  • The Geneva Balfour Story

    Geneva, who is pregnant, and her husband are moving west so he won’t be dependent on her rich father. She finds the travel hard and wants to go back but her husband insists on continuing west. In one rash move, which she thinks will make the train turn around, she endangers everyone’s lives, but her husband tries to take the blame for her.

  • The Jed Whitmore Story

    Jed was one of three brothers who robbed a train of $100,000. One brother was killed during the robbery, Harry went to prison and the other disappeared in the West. Now the one is out of prison and wants to find the other living brother, who has not surfaced while he was in prison. He joins the wagon train because he thinks Jed is the sheriff in a town along the way. Coop takes Harry to the town

  • The Michael Malone Story

    Guest stars – Dick York and Joyce Bulifant

    Michael Malone is hired by Cooper Smith to drive two women to California, a grandmother and her granddaughter. The granddaughter falls in love with Michael and can’t understand why he can’t return her love.


  • The Fenton Canaby Story

    Fenton Canaby was a wagon master with a small train, who, as things got more and more difficult crossing the desert, imposed restrictions on the people without explaining the reasons for his decisions. As a result, the people mutinied and all perished, except Canaby. Now the widow of a man on Canaby’s train has come to find out what happened on Chris Hales’ train

  • The Cassie Vance Story

    Cassie takes care of a sick woman on the train and money is stolen from that wagon. An old bitter woman recognizes Cassie as an inmate in prison that she and her friends tried to help. She accuses Cassie of the theft and refuses to accept she’s innocent.


  • The Story of Cain
    The Story of Cain
    Episode 13

    While scouting for water crossing the desert, Coop finds a prospector, John Cain , who is half dead from exposure and thirst. Coop takes him to the train and he is nursed back to health. He then tells everyone he has discovered gold and because everyone was so kind to him, he was going to let them buy shares in his claim. Coop later receives a letter from him informing them he felt they took advantage of him when he wasn’t in his right mind and to not contact him again.

  • The Bleeker Story
    The Bleeker Story
    Episode 12

    Duke Shannon is out scouting when he hears a shot and finds a small group of wagons lost. Since they are going to the same destination, Duke takes them to the train, where Chris Hale allows them to join with them. The people on the train try to be friendly, but no one in the Bleecker party wants to associate with anyone from the train.

  • The Sandra Cummings Story

    Sandra was a Union spy being held in a Rebel prison when she coaxes a young soldier, Jefferson Smith, to let her escape along with her partner, who is badly wounded during the escape. After the war, Sandra is a singer and travels with her daughter. She is performing in a town where the wagon train stops and her show is caught by both Duke Shannon and Cooper Smith. Duke has become acquainted with her and introduces Coop, who takes an interest in Sandra’s daughter. Sandra tries to discourage any one from taking an interest in her daughter, which makes Coop all the more determined, because he has revenge on his mind.

  • The Kitty Pryer Story

    Kitty marries a man who she later finds out is already married. He contrives to take both his wife and Kitty west on the Hale wagon train.  In order to do this, he hires an old classmate to pretend to be Kitty’s husband on the journey

  • The Eli Bancroft Story

    Eli Bancroft and his family are run off of their farm burned because his pregnant wife is sick and the town fear contagion. His wife then dies in childbirth and he becomes a bitter man. He raises his three sons to be as bitter as he is and proceeds to attack and rob travelers. When he finds that Cooper Smith is taking a widow and her daughter and a couple to a nearby settlement, he waylays them and steals everything from them and leaves them stranded with no food, water.

  • The Sam Pulaski Story

    Cooper Smith starts romancing Sam Pulaski’s sister, Rose, and comes to supper one night and meets Sam, he realizes that he and Sam have met before, and under unpleasant circumstances. For Rose’s sake, they try to get along, but Sam tells Rose she is not to see Coop again.

  • The Sam Spicer Story

    Barney is taken hostage by an outlaw, Sam Spicer , who, along with his partner, Reno Sutton, has just robbed the local bank. Chris is afraid Barney could be swayed to leave the train with Spicer since he is angry with Chris.


  • The Myra Marshall Story
    Cooper Smith accompanies Grace Marshall to try to save her sister Myra from a life of degradation.
  • The Robert Harrison Clarke Story
    Robert Harrison Clarke is a London news correspondent out to prove that thriller dime novels glorifying the Wild West are false. He learns a lot about the West and the men who live there.
  • The Widow O'Rourke Story
    Cooper Smith fights his way into a guarded compound to try to save his captured friends, who are prisoners of the Widow O'Rourke.
  • The Gus Morgan Story

    Gus Morgan is vice-president of the Kansas and Pacific Railroad trying to lay track for Fort Hayes from the east. Gus is driven to finish no matter what it takes. Chris Hale has surveyed the area that Gus’ younger brother, Ethan, thinks the tracks should go. Chris takes both brothers up the mountain so Ethan, who is an engineer, can explain why the tracks should go around the mountain instead of losing men trying to tunnel through it.

  • The Fort Pierce Story

    The wagon train pulls into Fort Pierce and Chris Hale tries to get the commander to give them an army escort when they leave to help fight the Cheyenne Coop has reported are in the area. The commander does not believe there are Indians in the area and claims he can’t spare the men. Captain Paul Winters tries to come to his friend, Chris Hale’s, aid, but is hindered by his drunken wife.

  • The Molly Kincaid Story

    Molly Kincaid is a white woman taken by Comanche’s over ten years ago who, along with a white man who was taken as a boy, escape and come back to the town Molly was taken from to complete a mission she swore to do after her capture. Kate Crawley, a woman who owns her own freighting business tries to help Molly and enlists Chris Hale’s help