Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

(ended 1974)





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  • Hanna-Barbera paved the way for The Simpsons, Family Guy and other adult geared cartoons.

    Glad I rediscovered this cartoon on Boomerang. I remember seeing this syndicated series Fridays on KPRC (NBC Houston), then switching it to The Brady Bunch.

    The show was way ahead of its time. Having a neighborhood watchdog club (loved that old lady!) defending against the Russians. Jack Burns was a hoot playing Ralph, with all his crazy theories about the communists!

    This prepared Tom Bosley when going on to Happy Days, playing a square father. Before Tommy Bradford and Buddy Lembeck, Willie Aames was the 2nd voice of Jamie Boyle.

    Lennie Weinrib was the 2nd Chet. It was the only time Lennie replaced someone, because he got replaced twice voicing Scrappy Doo (Don Messick) & Freddy Flintstone (Scott Menville).
  • Although this is a cartoon, it's meant for adults. It's sort of the cartoon version of All In The Family.

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I had never heard of this show, as it was on before I was born, but I stumbled across it late one night and was hooked immediately. I'm sure to record it on my DVR every night.

    It's so typical of the 70's, with Alice and her fight for women's lib, and Ralph (the next door neighbor) and his neighborhood watch for "commies." (spell?). This show is sort of like the animated version of All In The Family.

    One of my favorite episodes is Alice's Dress. Harry is being honored and the family is going to a formal dinner, but the dress Alice decides to wear is see-through in the top.

    Even though this is a cartoon, the show is aimed toward adults. I'm just wish more episodes were made.
  • This was one of my favorite show's from Hanna-Barbera.

    After years of placing families in the stone age, the space age and even in ancient Rome, Hanna-Barbera finally had a piece that took place in this century. The best thing about this show was the fact that the Boyles were played more or less like real people and it was a very humorous look at how conservative Harry dealt with not only his liberal kids, Alice and Chet, but with a changing world around him. However, the real star was Ralph, Harry's reactionary neighbor. He made Dale from "King of the Hill" look normal. Ralph was always looking for communists in every nook and cranny and he would always give Harry all sorts of crazy advice based on his wild theories. The only thing I found wrong with the show, however, was the poor job of animation (allegedly Hanna-Barbera "farmed out" the animation work to a Canadian company as a way to save money). All in all, though, despite the poor animating, this still is one of the funniest cartoons to come out of the 1970's.
  • I can't even begin to tell how this show goes, as I was not even born yet. I just found this show one night on some channel I can't remember. I now their was a nice family and their groovy life in the 1970's and really wierd music.

    Ultra-Super Sphycadelic show. From what I can remeber this show was so cool. The music was awesome and from what i can recall the chracters were funny. It kinda reminds me of Family Guy in the 70's. If anyone can find this show I suggest that you watch atleast one episode.