Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

(ended 1974)





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  • Although this is a cartoon, it's meant for adults. It's sort of the cartoon version of All In The Family.

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I had never heard of this show, as it was on before I was born, but I stumbled across it late one night and was hooked immediately. I'm sure to record it on my DVR every night.

    It's so typical of the 70's, with Alice and her fight for women's lib, and Ralph (the next door neighbor) and his neighborhood watch for "commies." (spell?). This show is sort of like the animated version of All In The Family.

    One of my favorite episodes is Alice's Dress. Harry is being honored and the family is going to a formal dinner, but the dress Alice decides to wear is see-through in the top.

    Even though this is a cartoon, the show is aimed toward adults. I'm just wish more episodes were made.