Waiting for God

BBC (ended 1994)


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  • One of my favorite shows

    I have the entire show on MP4's stored on my PC and watch the shows at night via my netbook. My collection also includes several other British Comedies but this one really strikes home as I too am an old fart dealing with the problems of age, and agism in the USA. I find myself wanting to cheer when Diane gets one over on Harvey, even going so far as to put him in the funny farm, a place where he could have excelled had he not been faking it.

    At any rate, I put this show right up there with Are you Being Served, and Last of the Summer Wine. Can't wait till 9:30 rolls around again, when I can retire to my hospital type bed, fire up my Acer Aspire One and browse over to Waiting for God to watch Tom and Diane once again.
  • Bloody Brilliant!

    The pilot first starts when we meet Tom Ballard who is moving into the Bayview Retirement home. We find he is prone to stretching the truth and a whole lot more. Then we meet Diana. The wonderfully sarcastic senior who is bent on causing grief for Harvy the manager of the retirement home. Together, Tom and Diana come to terms and make a great team to get more for the residents of the retirement home, usually involving crazy schemes and ideas. While Tom likes to tell everyone about the most random of ideas concerning who he is, what he did when he was younger and other strange stuff, Diana is refreshingly honest, although she is also quite sarcastic and downright rude. Tom's son also makes frequent appearances with his alcoholic wife who dislikes Tom and is glad to be rid of him. Diana's neice also makes appearances with her daughter. This show is absolutely hilarious and I cannot quite imagine why it only aired for four seasons.
  • An intelligent, bittersweet adult comedy...

    ...perhaps the most unusual comedy I've seen, in that it deals with the true inevitability of death (unlike M*A*S*H, where death is not predictably imminent, is somewhat random, and is battled by all the characters, therefore not inevitable).

    Out two leading characters haven't reached the "acceptance" stage of their battle against death, which annoys both Harvey Baines (who wants them to die quickly for financial reasons) and Jayne Edwards (who really believes that they'll be better off when they submit to acceptance). How Diana and Tom battle death and Harvey makes the show funny; how they deal with the facts of death leaking in through their defenses makes the program bittersweet.

    And how Diana and Tom get on with each other - well, that is the coconut and pecans on top of a German chocolate cake.
  • May the retirement years be as intersting as Tom and Diana's.

    I was very young when this show was first aired on PBS, but even then I was facinated by this show. The "tension" is so thick in the air you could almost cut it with a knife, between the nutty staff at Bay View, the relatives, or even your next door neighbor/love one never knows what is going to fall next. I was even more excited when I found out they were releasing the show on Region 1 DVD! I pre-ordered it right away, and I am waiting on pins and needles for the next installment of the series. A pitty it only lasted for short time, still the show never felt stale nor did the show suffer from over kill (as many American shows do).
  • He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him.

    He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him. It is just so unfair on him all this and he asks her if they can use her money shes going to spend on buying Alexes part of the gym to buy him out. He tells her that she will get her money back because he knows Kane is going to win the court case and it is important to him that his friends have trust in him. She is not sure if getting him out of prison is the right thing, but she agree with him and gives him the money to get him home.
  • A woman deals with life in a retirement home- from how to inspire others to stay active to dealing with a persistant suitor!

    I don't watch this often, but the times that I have, I have enjoyed it. after seeing an episode, I hope to be as feisty and active and head-strong as Diana is!

    With the typically light hand, this Britcom deals with issues of folks whose children don't or can't care for. You'd think such a show would be preachy or depressing, or worse- both!, but it is a funny and affectionate look at a lady curmudeon and the determined optimist that adores her, their friends, the staff of the retirement house, and how they all wackily ding off one another in amazing, amuzing ways.

    One of my favorite moments is Tom, Diana's suitor, hanging from a tree in his parachute gear!

    It is another of what I call 'gentle' comedies, and a lovely, sometimes inspiring one at that!
  • I just love old people

    I should have known that with my love for the Golden Girls and for BritComs, that I would love this show. I have never found a show that made me laugh out loud every single episode. The things that they came up with to do, the things that they said, I have never heard before, nor will probably see again.

    I do note that when you get old, you get to be mean for no good reason.

    Diana and Tom were just some of the greatest characters ever invented and while I wish something like was on the air, I know that America could never create something so good.
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