Waiting for God

BBC (ended 1994)


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  • An intelligent, bittersweet adult comedy...

    ...perhaps the most unusual comedy I've seen, in that it deals with the true inevitability of death (unlike M*A*S*H, where death is not predictably imminent, is somewhat random, and is battled by all the characters, therefore not inevitable).

    Out two leading characters haven't reached the "acceptance" stage of their battle against death, which annoys both Harvey Baines (who wants them to die quickly for financial reasons) and Jayne Edwards (who really believes that they'll be better off when they submit to acceptance). How Diana and Tom battle death and Harvey makes the show funny; how they deal with the facts of death leaking in through their defenses makes the program bittersweet.

    And how Diana and Tom get on with each other - well, that is the coconut and pecans on top of a German chocolate cake.