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Waiting for God

BBC (ended 1994)


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  • Bloody Brilliant!

    The pilot first starts when we meet Tom Ballard who is moving into the Bayview Retirement home. We find he is prone to stretching the truth and a whole lot more. Then we meet Diana. The wonderfully sarcastic senior who is bent on causing grief for Harvy the manager of the retirement home. Together, Tom and Diana come to terms and make a great team to get more for the residents of the retirement home, usually involving crazy schemes and ideas. While Tom likes to tell everyone about the most random of ideas concerning who he is, what he did when he was younger and other strange stuff, Diana is refreshingly honest, although she is also quite sarcastic and downright rude. Tom's son also makes frequent appearances with his alcoholic wife who dislikes Tom and is glad to be rid of him. Diana's neice also makes appearances with her daughter. This show is absolutely hilarious and I cannot quite imagine why it only aired for four seasons.
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