Waiting for God - Season 2

BBC (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • The Boring Son
    The Boring Son
    Episode 10
    Geoffrey finally gets the courage to leave his drunk horrible wife Marion. Unfortunately, his method of escape involves moving in with his dad Tom. How did such a wild and wacky guy, Tom, create such a boring son, Geoffrey? Will Marion increase her drinking (how can she)? Will Diana and Tom die of boredom?moreless
  • Young People
    Young People
    Episode 9
    Harvey's quest to be rid of Diana continues, this time based on an old morals clause. If Diana is caught in an immoral position, she's out. So Harvey brings in some "young people" to try to tempt her.
  • Foreign Workers
    Foreign Workers
    Episode 8
    Harvey has a great idea, he thinks, to save money at Bayview - use illegal workers! Will Jane be dismissed? Will she be able to keep her job if she learns Spanish and pretends to be a foreigner? Will the foreigners of many languages end up fighting with weapons? Will Harvey end up on the menu - "crispy fried Harvey"? Meanwhile, Tom is trying to get into a better physical condition but pushes himself too hard. He collapses but refuses to follow a doctor's advice to slow down. Can Geoffrey and Marion, Tom's son and daughter-in-law, save Tom from killing himself? Will Diana's concern for Tom cause her to over stress herself?moreless
  • Glamorous Grannies
    Glamorous Grannies
    Episode 7
    Something like a beauty pageant visits Bayview in the form of "The Glamorous Granny Competition." Diana decides to compete, but must try to modify her behavior and appear to be nice. Does Diana win? Is she able to be nice, or at least appear to be nice?
  • The Hip Operation
    The Hip Operation
    Episode 6
    Diana breaks her hip and must have an operation. Meanwhile, Diana's niece is shortly to be married. Will Diana be able to attend the wedding? Will she be able to stop the wedding, as she seems to want to do? Will she break down and allow herself to look old by using a walker?moreless
  • Tell the Truth
    Tell the Truth
    Episode 5
    Is advertising honest? What is honesty, and what does it mean to be totally honest? An experiment is outlined and then conducted. All must be totally honest for one week. Naturally enough chaos erupts as Jane learns of her true chances with Harvey and Diana's neice Sarah and her fiance visit. Total honesty drives Jane to think of leaving, as there is no hope for a future with Harvey. Will she leave? Will total honesty save the situation?moreless
  • The Thief
    The Thief
    Episode 4
    Diana and Tom investigate a series of thefts. During the investigation Tom spots a shoplifter and tries to stop him, but in the end Tom is arrested. Will Tom go to jail? Does Diana need money, and is she the thief?
  • Daisy Takes Charge
    Daisy Takes Charge
    Episode 3

    The partition built by Diana in the last episode causes trouble, and might get Diana kicked out of the village if she doesn't remove it.

    Meanwhile, the new resident continues to annoy Diana, this time by taking charge, and ordering people around. Daisy believes that the community needs to be organized. Everyone is scared of her.

    What will happen? Will Diana be forced to leave? Will Daisy succeed in her attempt to organize the residents?

  • The Partition
    The Partition
    Episode 2
    While Tom lies around depressed because of his dead wife (it is the anniversary of her death), a new resident arrives, Daisy Williams, and Diana builds a partition. Daisy and Diana verbally fight (Daisy finds Diana rude and ill mannered) and generally dislike each other. Later Tom meets Daisy (he was in his room depressed when Daisy first arrived) and finds that he likes her.moreless
  • Counselling for the Dying
    A funeral opens the show. A resident of Bayview has died and there is little turnout. Tom and Diana argue about death and God. Jane notes that she wished more had turned out for Harry's funeral. Tom decides to start a conselling service for the residents and get just one client - Basil (who is interested only because Tom noted that he would do it for free). Later Basil is found seemingly dead in his bed and Tom and Diana are there to offer their support when Basil suddenly jerks awake from his sleep.moreless