Waiting for God - Season 3

BBC (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Christmas At Bayview (Special)
    45 minute Christmas special. Diana stubbornly refuses to join the Christmas spirit, and wears earplugs to try to block out the sound. Meanwhile Tom plays Christmas tunes on the piano (with odd lyrics), wears a Santa suit and generally tries everything he can to get Diana into the spirit of the holiday. Later Tom decides to spread the Christmas spirt to people a little more receptive. He picks up two homeless people and invite them back to Bayview. Some thefts occur, conflict and confusion erupt . . .moreless
  • Great Aunt Diana
    Great Aunt Diana
    Episode 10
    Diana and Tom accidently steal a bus after the drive refuses to let them, and the fellow Bayview residents, to ride at the old folks rates. Apparently, those rates do not go into effect for another four minutes. Diana, angry, yanks the driver from the bus and Tom, spotting the opportunity, slips into the driver's seat and takes off. Meanwhile, Sarah is pregnant and wants Diana's help.moreless
  • Sleeping Pills
    Sleeping Pills
    Episode 9
    Diana collapses at Tom's go cart race. In hospital she thinks she is dying of lung cancer. Unwilling to let herself die horribly she acquires some sleeping pills to set matters right.
  • Politics
    Episode 8
    Diana is bored. Out of this boredom comes a brilliant plan to run for office. Meanwhile, Harvey is asked to run for the same office by one of the political parties. Tom, knowing a good laugh when he spots one, joins in as a candidate.
  • Sabotage
    Episode 7
    A vacation is planned and money is raised, while said money mysteriously turns up in Harvy's bulidng fund.
  • Scandal
    Episode 6
    An fellow resident of Bayview dies and leaves some money for a proper wake. Everyone has fun but Harvey, who is quite ashamed of their behavior. This over-indulgence leads Diana to find herself in Tom's bed the next morning.
  • The Estate Agent
    The Estate Agent
    Episode 5
    Tom and Jane suggest to Diana that she is quite rude and bossy. Her existence seems to consist of complaining and bad temper. Diana dislikes this observation and tries to prove them wrong. Meanwhile, a quite evil estate agent visits and suggests that Harvey can make some extra money by creating fake expenses.moreless
  • Harvey's Fiancee
    Harvey's Fiancee
    Episode 4
    Harvey seems to have had turn-around in luck in his love life. It seems that he is to marry a woman named Lucy Maitland. Eventually Harvey’s mother shows up to meet this fiancee and reveals some interesting information about the families background. For some reason or another, Tom and Diana pretend to be Harvey’s parents to try to scare off Lucy, while Jane pretends to be the fiancee for Harvey’s mother.moreless
  • Looking for Work
    Looking for Work
    Episode 3
    Harvey, looking for every opportunity to save money, turns off the heating when the month turns to April. Problem is that the temperature is quite cold outside (and in). The old folks complain and Harvey suggests that they take up jogging. Meanwhile, Diana takes up the pursuit of working. To some rather poor results.moreless
  • Two Nasty Children
    Two Nasty Children
    Episode 2
    Dennis decides to take up Tom’s suggestion and help Marion, by running off with her. Geoffrey, annoyed and alone, blames Tom and asks him to help babysit the kids. The kids are quite rude and bully Tom. Meanwhile, Jane suggests that Harvey should try out a dating service. Harvey, it would appear, is having some problems in this particular department of his life. Diana learns of the kids tactics with Tom and “helps out.”moreless
  • The Funeral
    The Funeral
    Episode 1
    The Vicar, Dennis, knows that he is too perform an important function, but is not sure what that function will be. Then a coffin appears holding the late Jimmy. Dennis attempts to give an eulogy, but doesn’t have the facts straight and leaves early. Meanwhile, Marion is depressed and Geoffrey asks Tom for help. Tom doesn’t particularly like Marion but he decides that he must try to help. At dinner that night the group finds that Dennis has joined them for a break. Apparently he is having a little trouble with religion. Tom, after striking out with trying to help Marion, suggests that Dennis needs something to revive his belief. He suggests that Dennis should help Marion.moreless