Waking the Dead

Season 1 Episode 5

A Simple Sacrifice, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2001 on BBC



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    • Just because Grace may not know how to use a computer does not mean that she should not know how to type.

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    • Peter Boyd: "Jaws was number one at the box office"
      Jaws was released in the summer of 1975 and arguably changed the way movies are released. Prior to Jaws, summertime was considered a slow period in the movie industry. Today it's when most of the blockbusters are released.

    • Peter Boyd: "England loses to Czechoslovakia 1 nil."
      On October 30, 1975, England lost to Czechoslovakia 2-1 in the preliminary competition of the 1976 European Championship . Not quite 1-0 but the effect was still the same for English football fans. Czechoslovakia went on to win the 1976 European Championship.

    • Peter Boyd: "T-Rex, good music, I won't sing it for you."

      Probably best known for the 1971 hit "Get it On, Bang a Gong" (as least that's the song I know). I cannot believe they opted to deprive us of seeing Trevor Eve singing that, but oh well, about T-Rex... Between 1970 and 1973, T-Rex scored ten consecutive Top-5 singles in England. Never heard of them? Well, in a 1975 article, lead singer and songwriter, Marc Bolan said, "The people in the business think I've had a cold spell since 'Bang A Gong', whereas in reality I've been selling loads of records all over the world. But if you're not hot in their country, they think you've had it. I admit that I would've approached America differently after 'Bang A Gong' was a hit here. I should have come over and followed it up, but we were all just so busy all over the rest of the world, we didn't have time. I guess it was a bit stupid, really..."

      On September 16, 1977, two weeks before his 30th birthday, Marc Bolan died in a car accident.