Waking the Dead

Season 3 Episode 7

Final Cut, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2003 on BBC

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  • the good old days

    What happens when you havve to investigate a case that takes you into the path of the immigrants. But when this case takes you back a few decades to the days when those immigrants bounce with the established underworld, then you get a case where no information is clear, and knowing those cultures will leave you stranded.

    We all have secrets, skeletons and dark poages in our books. But Boyd gets the short end, where he must rely on Spencer's cultural past to get to the nitpicking, only to get a handful of Spencers ghost of his missing father. In the end the answers will both scar and heal Spencer. And all this happens in the middle of 4 decade old skeletons and a gangwar. All that is dangerous, but Spencer does know which alley to walk into and which one he cannot cross.

    This episode is so strong, it is one of the best Waked deads ever.
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