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  • i have to comment

    i hv to watch tv as i am the satisfies my idea for sensitive and challenging and conclusive, simplified forensics, hunky i'm on the second or third rate you the wire in the blood and silent that alot to be said for the of the more mature realised i was drawn to this genre as i have alot of unresolved seeing justice for others gives me a sprig of i might get off my arse one day and get forward, to some new that possible??
  • who can answer me?

    I just found this series (on DVD) earlier this summer; and have been captured by the stories. i do have a question: what happened in the episode, End of Night; Boyd and the teams investigations were to be halted.. BUT in the very next episode, Substitute, the team is going on as usual. . . what happened?
  • Intelligent drama

    This series is so compelling, I lack the words to express it. And that's saying something for me.

    We just finished viewing season six and I say with greatest admiration that I hope it comes back for as many seasons as the producers, actors and writers wish. You have a willing viewer, here.

    Trevor Eve is is simply excellent,as is all the cast. Together they try and solve cases which have gone "Cold". The direction and script are wonderful,well put together and acted with so much heart. Those who haven't seen it yet,i recommend you do soon.

    Trevor Eve may be one of the best actors I've ever seen.
  • Excellent

    Waking The Dead is dark, gritty and extremely violent and gory - the perfect combination.

    Unlike CIS-Every State in the US, this show covers a wide topic of Police Drama - from illegal organ transplants to sniper on the car park. Some of the stories are good, some of them are boring. But they all provide a good insight into the Cold Case Units.

    But the best thing about the show is the variety of characters - good and bad. The 'villains' of the show are nasty and scum of the earth. It's a shame they don't come back very often though.

    The good however are great - Grace is the reason behind the team, Spencer is the muscle, Kathy/Stella/Mel are the investigators and Eve/Felix/Frankie are the brains. But its Trevor Eve - Peter Boyd that rules the show. A man full of power and emotion, and isn't afraid to show it.

    So to sum it up - a great show.
  • More then just the facts

    Waking the dead has impressed me greatly ever since the series started. I have always been a great fan of CSI series, however the BBC approach is at times darker, the drama is deeper (as one expects from a BBC result) and the storyline is often very gripping.

    Our shoestring still fights for the truth, but now for those who can no longer speak. As you go from season to season you see more then just the development of the team members. The excellence of the actors and writers make these journeys a quality filling evening with every case you watch. The double episode apprach still functions excellently after 6 seasons. The whole buildup and progress which is not possible in 41.3 minutes (excluding advertisement) is not a match for the 2 full hour episodes this group delivers.

    This is more then a dynamic team story, it is often the deeper thought of victim and criminal that makes this series pretty much the reigning ruler of BBC Drama.
  • Needs past characters

    Waking the Dead is a very good show.Trevor Eve is the reason the show works.He is very intense. It was too bad they replaced Frankie and Mel.Also in the United States the show needs to have a permanent spot and not a hit and miss scheduling as it is now.
  • hi, waking the dead is usch a good programme, i've seen the last three or so series, its great, the plots are brillant and trevor eve is such a good actor. i love the show cna't wait for teh next series! although what a cliffhanger it always leaves, great

    hi, waking the dead is usch a good programme, i've seen the last three or so series, its great, the plots are brillant and trevor eve is such a good actor. i love the show cna't wait for teh next series!although what cliffhanger every series leaves! great, brillant, i hope it never stops!
  • The cold case unit always have an interesting case to re-open, and (hopefully!) solve. forensics, physcology and logic all come into it, as the killer must be brought to justice.

    I love this programme - and I'm gutted that the current series has had to end! But, having said that, I can't wait for series six. Bring it on (fast please!)!!! This programme is not just about DNA matching and stuff (if you want that watch CSI), but it involves so much more. The back stories of the characters all come in, and there is often a lot of doubt if an old case of somebody on the team is called into question. Superb acting, great writing and brilliant direction all make this programme what it is - FANTASTIC! ! !
  • By far one of the best crime shows on television today

    This fast-paced, fast-witted show really requires the audience's attention. Unlike so many other dramas on tv that are possible to watch with one eye closed, the refreshing nature of Waking the Dead ensures the viewers never have a second of boredom.

    The latest series has answered our worry by ensuring us that yes, the program can survive, and even flourish, amid cast changes.

    The Cold-Case squad includes a pathologist, a psychologist, and three Detectives, allowing us to access all fields of information.

    Every week, a new problem hits our screens. Any every week, I'm continually excited and delighted by the intelligent crime and the route to justice.

    I only hope that this drama receives its worthy praise, and continues to surprise us year after year
  • Crime drama at it's best ...

    This is yet another show I was rather skeptical of when I first heard about it on BBC America. The "similar to CSI" comment was made frequently, and all that came to mind for me was that the world really didn't need another knock off series. Thankfully, it wasn't the case.

    Waking the Dead, while following the usual cop/crime drama line - is surprisingly refreshing. It's original storylines are entertaining, not to mention the outcome of a few episodes were actually hard to guess (a downfall if you watch a lot of crime shows, you get bored once you've figured out who the murderer is). Trevor Eve leads a strong & highly talented cast of other likable characters, who are actually believable.

    I highly suggest WTD. It has much more to offer than some of the American shows out there today. As usual, the Brits always know how to make a superior series, and of course - an entertaining one.
  • A great fast paced, enjoyable BBC crime drama, one of the best.

    The show follows the police squad of unsolved crimes, unsolved murders, that may have new evidence or the eits of the detectives to solve them.

    The show always keeps me gripped to my seat, a very addictive drama that can frighten, but also amuse you with their techniques.

    Intwined within the show they add personal problems, depression, drink problems, or the loss of a child, related back to the detectives themselves, giving another meaning to the show.

    Indeed Clair Goose did leave the series before last, i was really shocked and wasn't expecting it, she fell off a roof qhile investigating a murder scene, or was she pushed? can't remember.

    one more series was on in the spring and another series starts this autumn, looks good.
  • Closed cases are reopened by Boyd and his team.

    I like cop shows, especially British ones and this one I really like. A big part of why I enjoy this so much is the charisma of Boyd, played by Trevor ‘Shoestring’ Eve. I also enjoy Grace’s wit and Frankie’s sarcasm. I was sad to learn that Mel and Frankie won’t be returning for the next series.