Waking the Dead - Season 4

BBC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Shadowplay, Part Two

    Boyd and the team continue to investigate the arson case and the two other possible crime connections to 'The Shepherd'. Will the team discover this person's true identity or will it all turn out to be a part of the imagination of a mentally-ill woman?

  • Shadowplay, Part One

    A young woman with a history of psychiatric problems kills her family by setting the family home on fire. She admits to the crime, but claims that she was coerced into doing it by a mysterious character known only by the name 'The Shepherd'. Her psychiatrist links her case to similar cases and gets the Cold Case Squad involved.

  • The Hardest Word, Part Two

    The case continues as we learn of the death of D.S. Dave Marvin. Marvin has been found dead in his car with the same markings of "sorry" on his back. Throughout this episode we learn that Greta is hiding something from us and who is the mysterious old man who keeps turning up every time a body is found?

  • The Hardest Word, Part One

    The Squad investigate the murders of two males who had the word "Sorry" carved into their backs. The latest victim has a brother linked to Organised Crime, so three other officers are brought in, which Boyd takes an instant dislike to - except Greta. The new faces create tension in the office and the team cannot trust them. As the case goes on, they begin to realise that it could be leading to a paedophile group.

  • Anger Management, Part Two

    When the gun stolen from Frankie is used in another murder, the Squad suspect the victim's gopher. It is revealed the first murder could have been a case of mistaken identity. Frankie and Grace begin to get creeped out by the effects of Boyd's Anger Management!

  • Anger Management, Part One

    A man staying in a "halfway house" for released prisoners uses a gun - that is revealed to have been used in contract killings years ago - commit suicide. The gun is later stolen from Frankie's lab. Investigations reveal that the gun could have been used by a hired assassin in 9 murders over the last 30 years. Boyd is taking Anger Management.

  • Fugue States, Part Two

    The team try to track Jason as they work out how the twins were taken and why. They link the twins' disappearance to a Dr Roper, who knocked Jason down. They unravel his past and find out some dark secrets. The squad work out who Cindy is now and try find her before it's too late.

  • Fugue States, Part One

    In 1990, Jason and Cindy, two 5-year-old twins disappear from their home, and even after a nationwide search is launched, they are still not found. Thirteen years later, Jason is found in a hospital suffering from injuries he sustained in a car accident. But where's Cindy? Boyd and the team set out to find her. Mel Silver is trying to find her biological mother.

  • False Flag, Part Two

    The Squad begin to feel like they are being watched, and their fears are realised when they find unauthorised surveillance equipment. It is revealed their victim may not have been as guilty as they once thought and when a person Boyd questioned as a part of the investigation commits suicide, they realise a missing link between her and an assassination. Boyd gets 36 hours to get to the bottom of things before the security services take over.

  • False Flag, Part One

    Boyd and his team face a race against time after a skeleton found in a condemned garage triggers a tragic chain of events. The skeleton is that of garage owner, Gerald Doyle, an Irish terrorist who went missing in 1981. An unexploded car bomb found at the scene points to terrorist activity as the cause of death. However, Doyle's parents produce a set of his diaries, which reveal that he was actually a mole for the British intelligence services.

  • In Sight of the Lord, Part Two

    The Cold Case Squad discover that the victims were a group of friends who were all in the same army regiment during the war. It seems the murderer is killing as an act of revenge.

  • In Sight of the Lord, Part One

    Boyd and the cold case team investigate the unsolved murder of a World War 2 conscientious objector. In 1948 George Western was found in his living room with a nine-inch nail through his head. When his grandson Adam finds new evidence and organises a media campaign, the case is reopened. Then the body of elderly William Davis is found in similar circumstances. And Grace uncovers the identical killing of Norman Taylor in 1961. The team discovers that Taylor and Western were in the same regiment during the war and trace surviving members to try to solve the murders.