Waking the Dead

BBC (ended 2011)




  • Season 6 Episode 9: Double Bind, Part One

  • Un-necessary technobabble. It's entirely reasonable to have tracked the cyber-cafe by it's IP address and the person who posted an email from there by his login name on the gardennig system. It's utterly un-necessary to have someone state that the posting came from the cyber cafe without explaining how, then to state that the IP address identifed the person who sent the mail.

    Unless there's some official conspiracy to always mis-state such things in TV shows so terrorists and morons won't learn the real details of what information is trackable and what it reveals.

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Wren Boys, Part One

  • Tara Fitzgerald and Sue Johnston have previously worked together on the 1996 film "Brassed Off", which also stared Ewan McGregor.

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Drama, Suspense


altruistic behavior, extraordinary situations, real police work, ruthless killing, British TV