Waking the Dead

Season 3 Episode 3

Walking on Water, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2003 on BBC

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  • Where is the challenge?

    When you think that a visit to a simple village to investigate the loss of a family is simple, then guess again. The place has secrets that Boyd cannot just uncover, and what starts as a simple cold case becomes more and fast.
    The slow pace is does not make a slow movie. you will be on the tip of your seat that goes to the end. This is about a chase between police of opponent, and even though the goal might justify the means, the endgame might not be the one Boyd expects to have. This is more about not messing with ones family. It is about that some people do have the discipline to go on until all the work is done. Seeing that part in action is quite a feat to watch.
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