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Cordell Walker is a contemporary Texas Ranger working out of the Dallas office who believed in dealing with criminals the old-fashioned way--by beating them up. Despite the rules that governed the way law-enforcement officers were supposed to act. Walker's approach closely resembled the "eye for an eye" school of crime fighting. His partner is young Jimmy Trivette, who had grown up in the slums of Baltimore and used football as his ticket to a college education and a career with the Dallas Cowboys until he busted his shoulder. Despite Jimmy's belief in computers and scientific criminology, working with Walker, always seemed to leave him bruised and sore--when Walker was trying to get information or take people into custody it was more than likely there would be a fistfight or karate kicks. County Assistant D.A. Alex Cahill, his sometimes girlfriend, frowned on Walker's methods, even if they did get results. When not on duty Walker and the others hung out at C.D.'s, the saloon/restaurant owned by his buddy C.D. Parker, a former Ranger forced into early retirement after taking a bullet in the knee, who still provided help and advice on cases. Uncle Ray was the wise old Native American who had raised Walker. He died at the end of the 3rd season. Star Chuck Norris, former karate champion and movie star, played Walker in the deadpan unemotional style he used in most of his feature films. Nothing ever seemed to excite him, and the violence on the show had a cartoon quality about it. There was a surrealistic efficiency about Walker--he almost never broke sweat, got hurt, or wasted a blow--using violence because it was necessary but never glorying on it. This is Norris' first time in a TV series.

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  • Jimmy Wlcek

    Jimmy Wlcek

    Trent Malloy (1997-1999)

    Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman

    Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman

    Uncle Ray (1993-1994)/Uncle Ray Firewalker (season 1-2) 1993-1994)

    Judson Mills

    Judson Mills

    Francis Gage (1999-2001)

    Noble Willingham

    Noble Willingham

    CD Parker (1993-1999)

    Clarence Gilyard Jr.

    Clarence Gilyard Jr.

    Ranger James 'Jimmy' Trivette

    Sheree J. Wilson

    Sheree J. Wilson

    Alexandra "Alex" Cahill-Walker

    • Walker Texas Ranger Cult

      The success of Walker shows that people really love the B movie format if it's well done. At 1 to 2 million an episode Walker wasn't cheap. Great martial arts but lousy police work. If Walker had just arrested the people that attacked him most of the crimes could have been prevented. Then he throws down his gun to have long drawn out Kung Fu match while people were in danger. Also knowing people were almost certain to be attacked by bad guys he would leave them either undefended or defended by a 79 year old bartender.. The only TV personality I know of who behaves like him was Popeye the sailor man. Still I love the show. To the guy whose depressed because he can't get it just Google piratebay proxy mirrors, use Bittorrent and sweet global upload limit for 5 kbps, you can have all seven seasons downloaded in a day, I watch them over and over.moreless
    • Good, but pretty laughable

      Why does every Jim, Joe, and Billy Bob know kung fu on this show? And why the heck are people so eager to resist and assault a police officer? It seems like most of the situations could be settled with a little compliance, but for the sake of Chuck Norris having a cool fight scene they're just gonna make all the criminals idiots. And know kung fu.
    • Great Show

      I loved Walker Texas Ranger. Granted it had over the top action but the stories were great. The Walker and Trivette partnership was fantastic cause there was geniune love and respect between them. It was a modern day Lone Ranger and Tonto.
    • amazing tv show

      im only 16 born in 1997 but i grew up watching this show i still got them on vhs so i can watch them it should come back on the air i miss that show like crazy
    • Good Clean Entertainment!

      Walker is a perfect example of good entertainment with out sex and extreme violence. He takes us back to when bad guys are bad and good guys are good and get rid of the bad guys. His show is exciting and good for almost all ages. I wish we had more shows like his.

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