Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 5 Episode 23

A Father's Image

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 03, 1997 on CBS

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  • Bobbie goes undercover to catch the bad guy.

    So another Bobbie episode. For a while it looked like she was going to be a recurring role – like Trent and Carlos – but this never happened. I was kind of sad to see her go – she added a good dynamic to the episodes that she was in. A woman fighting twice as hard to make it in the ‘Good Old Boys Club’. She was also an asset in episodes like there where they needed a female to go undercover. In this episode Bobbie goes undercover as a private tutor for a boy so she can get to the father’s business. She ends up befriending the boy who is constantly belittled and abused by his father so he grows up a stronger man. If I were her I am sure that I would have broken my cover too soon because I would have beaten the crap out of the dad. But Bobbie was great and got all of the information they needed to put away the bad guy.