Walker, Texas Ranger

Season 8 Episode 12

A Matter of Faith

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 1999 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's Christmas time and the rangers are looking for a gang of armor car robbers who rob them when they pick up at malls and dress up like Santas. C.D. has collected some toys and is bringing them to a church. He meets with the Pastor who is a friend and also meets Jose and Maria Martinez who are expecting their first baby and Juan, a former gang member who know helps out at the church. He is on his way to the HOPE (Help Other People Excel) Center when he meets his old gang. Walker deduces which malls are likely to be hit so he and Trivette stake out while Gage and Cooke stake out another and they also put some counterfeit cash in the money bags in case they get it. Later at the church the gang break in and steal the cash and other items, the Pastor catches them and there's an altercation and the Pastor is injured. Juan is heartbroken, as is C.D. who keeps a vigil. Gage and Cooke are keeping an eye out when a woman who pulled a stroller out of her car when it starts moving with her baby in it. Gage and Cooke stop it and find a doll in it. It was a diversion and the Santas rob the armored car. Walker and Trivette get a lead on the gang who robbed the church when they keep an eye out on an item they stole that is in demand. They catch them but the leader is not with them. Juan freaks out and decides to go after him and asks Jose for help but he refuses. He then calls Walker to tell him what Juan is doing. Juan then goes to where the gang hangs out and tells them to tell the leader that he is looking for him. Gage and Cooke learn of someone who tried to spend some of the false cash they planted and apprehend him. They convince him to tell where the others are and he does. They arrest them. Juan buys a gun, he then goes to the church but doesn't enter. Alex sees and talks to him, he says good bye and walks away. She then calls Walker who goes out to look for him. Maria then goes into labor and they go to the hospital. Juan finds the leader and pulls his gun him Walker arrives and convinces him to put it down. It's at that moment that Jose and Maria who are on their way are in an accident. They save them and take them to a nearby nativity scene and it is there that Maria is about to give birth. She asks Juan to say a prayer and he does and it is then that a star in the sky shines. And Maria baby is born and the Pastor wakes up. Walker brings the gang leader to the hospital to explain to the pastor what happened and the man forgives him.